26 June 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

May you rest in peace, Michael Jackson

10 June 2009

wow tadpoles can fly!

Just in case tadpoles catchers wonder where did all the tadpoles go?

Let me tell you, they were all transported to Japan, like..... few hours ago.

No, they did not fly nor exported to Japan.

See how cute those tadpoles are?

Regardless how cute they are, it is a signal of a disaster coming up to the world because.. It has been raining tadpoles in Japan town just as reported in the news!!! How is it possible that tadpoles are dropping from the sky?

It is possible, because tadpoles has already dropped from the sky in Japan town.

Erm.. let's say, is it possible then to drop some CASH to my balcony then? :D Or maybe drop... IPhones 3G here?


Well, at the other side of the world, Malaysia is facing El Nino, where The Star defined as a climatic condition where abnormal warming of the Pacific Ocean causes dry weather in South-East Asia and northern Australia.

No wonder people has been complaining how hot it is in Malaysia!

Is the world started to change? Or has it been changing already?

Together with the emergence of the pandemic swine flu, this world is already facing its RISK.

No wonder...... even my skin can sense the environmental changes..

*News from Yahoo! and The Star*

08 June 2009

bili bala..

Stress week!

It's Queen's birthday today, but there's no holiday for me. :( I'm going to have my first exam paper on Wed: Global Marketing and Friday: Business Finance. I know they may sound easy for you, but that also indicate the difficulty to get a great mark! How poorr!!

Went to the library at 10.30. Had lunch at 12.00. Fire alarm rang at 3.00. Felt so tired and went back after that.

Went to Krispy Kreme to get milkshake in winter. 10 minutes later, weather started to change. It became so windy and followed by heavy rain. Took my umbrella out and so fortunate that I can utilise my umbrella. Cross the road and reach home. How convenient!

I'm on bed now. :(

31 May 2009

Dream Again

I haven't seen my Baby in so long
But I can feel her in this song
I turn on the stereo,the groove is nice and slow
If only she was here to dance along

I write her letters every single day
There's only so much words can say
We'll be together soon
I'm dancin' in my room
Imagining you're not so far away

And I dream again
You're right by my side
You're back in my arms again
A feeling so sublime

So I dream again
Your beautiful smile
When we're dancin' cheek to cheek
Across a thousand miles (yeah)

My Baby hasn't seen me in so long
And she knows I'd never do her wrong
She turns on the stereo, the Stevie tunes I know
Wishing I was there to dance along

And she dreams again
I'm right by her side
I'm back in her arms again
A feeling so sublime

So she dreams again
of hearing the sound
of sweet nothings late at night
With no one else around yeah

And when the night is over
The loneliness is through
I know in my heart that you're my everything
I'll never love another
As long as I have you
So tell me that we can last forever

30 May 2009

[empty] : =(

I'm speechless about things that are imminent.

Whether it is good or bad,

It is really out of my control.

Now my life has been clearly sketched with ambiguity.

Shall I leave this all to God then?

It reminds me of how f*king "s hold" u ruined everything that makes how I am now.

Can't believe I am squatting down looking at the soil filled with worms now.

Xin Tiao

Has my heart stopped beating?

No, I think it is still beating for u.

23 May 2009

I am pondering,

Would you go for something that you know will get return?

Would you go for something that you know might not get return?

Would you go for something that might be worst than before?

Would you go for uncertainty?

I am left with nothing but ambiguity.

Can I ask for the answer?

21 May 2009

oh dear. it's him again

I met HIM again.

Yes, it's him..

No, It's not my Dream Guy.

It's the HUGE guy who freaked me out last month when I was in the lift. Remember? At least, it wasn't that scary now as I wasn't standing right in front of the lift. *oh at least I learnt the lesson. *winks*

Today, Kathy invited a guest speaker from Slim Secret to talk about marketing the products internationally and how Sharon, the guest speaker managed the whole process with help of Austrade.

Prior to that, I thought it was just the same old grandmother story. Man, I was wrong. I reckoned that she, the founder of Slim Secrets was a successful businesswoman, mother and a wife though. She managed everything by her own and with help of her children to stick the labels on the products. That was so cute and sweet! Just reminded me when I helped my mum cutting the almond breads for sale prior to Chinese New Year. *Yes, and how I got scolded coz I either cut it too thick or too thin, but I eventually cut according to what she wanted.* :P

Oh, I have also been told that people actually visit my blog! I thought there's no readers and that really demotivates me from updating my blog.

Stay tuned. :)

I guess I'm just throwing everything that I can think of.

Last Saturday, went to Suzy's 22nd birthday party. Happy 22nd Birthday, girl! Well, pictures tell the tales, should I go further?

Dinner at 'a japanese restaurant' at Lil Bourke St. Eh? I looked sleepy. -_-"

A group picture with Suzy's birthday cake. Don't 'play play' ah. People inside the pic are multicultural, u know? From West to East to North to South part of the world. :P

Just before dinner starts. The hole in the middle of the long table is where we BBQ meat there.

Noon activity. Guess what? KTV as usual. Please ignore my standing pose. Photo error-lah

Woot. Hello Everyone! Thank you for reading and have a sweet dream :)

19 May 2009

who says I'm emo?

I've been asked recently if I am having / had a sad relationship currently. Definitely not, I would answer. There's only 1 reason for that poems to appear. I'm just EMO. EMO.EMO.EMO. Haha. Self explanatory? Fine? Well, actually that's just a random post of the feelings that struck me that moment. Heehee.

*Woot* Hello 19th May!

This is Gracie and I'm so lazy.

So, you think I'm still emo, yeah? Fine... Look at the photo below and you'll realise that I'm still the same happy go lucky Gracie you knew. :P

Taddaaa!! Can't you realise my face is full with happiness? (oh dear!)


Hey! I'm not done with the post yet. So, if you're on FACEBOOK, you would probably have seen this, haven't you?Seems familiar but still couldn't recognise this?

What bout after I've magnified it?

On one perspective, it is a lamp. On another perspective, it looks like a girl wearing bikini or g-string with her legs open, isn't it?

ROFL! I Just realised that I actually took that picture before last year before I actually saw it in facebook.

15 May 2009

2 days to go.

Oh one more assignment to go and I'm ON for final exam revision again!

I just can't wait for ONE MONTH holiday! BAHhhhhhhh!!!!!

I'm looking for places to go for my winter holiday.Should I go to:

1) Sydney
2) Gold Coast

or all??

And who would like to be in this tour group??

14 May 2009

Baby I'm Yours.

I still recalled, how I felt,
When I first left my hometown by myself,
How deep you looked into my eyes,
And you told me that you will wait for me.

It was just a day when I thought it was already a month
since I last met you.
I'm dying so much to hold your hand
like how you used to hold my hand.

It was already decades now,
That we are still in the same position.
Are we just used to being like this?
Or are we just afraid to change?

The nearer I am to you,
the further we are.
The more we love each other,
the more suffering we get.
But deep inside our heart,
we know that we need each other.

How much I miss you?

09 May 2009

love finds you in memories

Me and you
How to compare in this lifetime?
Me and you
Almost together forever
The time and place we unexpectedly meet
Is like a drama
Doesn't know where to start

Love is too heavy
Not enough air to breathe in
Love is too beautiful
Lightly yet unable to carry it
When love arrived
It's just like a beautiful weather
When love is gone
It suddenly changed into blizzard rainstorm

If I could hate you
Painfully hate you with all my strength
Hiding and evading when we encounter
It's because wanting to let you go
But still missing you
Who is more miserable than I am
Fearing being reminded of the past
No matter how hard the arms are stretched
There is still distance between us

You are far away
How to say I'm sorry
You are very near
Yet suddenly left in split second
Maybe happiness is too brief
Like a meteor shower
In a blink of the eye
Feels like a mirage yet afraid to remember

I rather heartlessly hate you
I'm still searching for you in my memories

02 May 2009


where are you? :(

24 April 2009

dear you,

Do you still remember how we started?

Nobody could have figured that out.

It was a total silent then,

And only voices of dinosaurs could be heard. ;)

You held my hand,

And you kissed the pain away.

It started with a kiss.

Which never came across in our mind.

All I can see is look into your eyes

And see myself.

We denied how much we cared for each other,

But nevertheless that is how we know the truth,

That we are meant to be together

Regardless of the hard times we had

Because we know that love has no limit.

wink, episode 2

23 April 2009

To you..

Suddenly, it’s so dark here.

It was as if I have lost my legs

that I can barely move nor talk.

I felt so numb!

You took away the thorns in my heart,

You taught me how to live a life,

You taught me how to love people,

And we learnt how to love each other.

All I can think of is having you by my side,

Our memories just kept on appearing as if it was real.

And how I wished that you're here right in front of me...

Yay! Emo episode 1 entry.

15 April 2009

don't wear black helmet

As usual, I went for a study group for Biz Finance today.

Came back around 6 ish and as I entered the lift, I see no one, and I started thinking that I'm going to have McDeluxe for dinner later. WHeee..

Just not long I entered the lift, the lift stopped and the door opened. Immediately I thought I reached Level 13 but, instead of Level 13, it reached level 3!

Now, this is climax!.

Yes, the door opened and guess what I saw?

Guess!! Guess!! Guess!!


I saw a relly HUGE MAN standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME


OBviously not like this!

I MEAn, he's really HUGE!

I was taken aback! And Yes, You''re into imagination on HOw FUnny I looked LIke.

"wuah! Like Arnold swatchnager . Ops Schwarzenegger I meant!. Some more it's just like when you watch Alien vs Predator or what when the lift open, you see a BIG guy with BLACK HELMET which looks exactly like alien standing in front of you."

Or maybe his body posture looked similar to this, and in a dark environment, can u not OPEN YOUR EYES BIG?

eg: He was Taller than me few HEADS.

14 April 2009

What's the "in thing" now?

OH. Did anyone notice something new in my layout?


what is (a) to (j) ??

Happy Easter everyone!

I've been dissapearing for a week and a week passed JUST LIKE THAT! Imagine how fast!

Nevertheless, I've been good and utilize my time well enough so that "REGRET" doesn't appear in front of me. Still, 1 week is not enough for me. :(

I talked with mum few days ago and she claimed that time was running fast too in Malaysia! So, I guess the earth is really spinning faster then? 0.O?

anyway, I went to Puffing Billy, Yarra Valley and Healesville Sanctuary just few days ago!

Pictures will be uploaded soon. Too many pictures to resize. How tiring!


My assignments and homeworks are starting to get pilled up! Someone please help me to alleviate the burden. I'm just too scared to think of Commercial Law, Biz Finance, Glo. Marketing and Products Innovation Management. And I can't wait to finish all the assignments too!!!! Sony and Krispy Kreme and Sony, please do motivate me. :)

In mean time, I know I will be heck busy like bees cos:

a) Attending Developing Leader's Day
b) Global Marketing test
c) State Conference
d) Law Test
e) PIM assignment DUE
f) Global marketing assignment DUE
g) PIM test
h) finance test
i) Law cases summaries and flowchart
j) Co op

Someone tell me to cool down please..


06 April 2009


it is ridiculous at times that things kept hunting you when you want to forget about them.

it just kept popping up out of no where and left you feeling nostalgic.


What's this?

05 April 2009


So obviously that I have not been updating my blog for the past few weeks. I have been really busy and stress although it is just week 5 .

Oh, I realised that I changed after I went back to Penang last year. I mean in terms of personality changes.

My little sis and mum was telling me that I changed after I went to Melbourne for about a year. I was driving that time and all I could think of is that I changed in a negative way. Surprisingly, I was told that I was less hot tempered and became even gentle. LOL!! Seriously I never thought that I was that baddddddd before I went there and I reckoned it should be due to my work pressure. *winks*

After I came back to Melbourne, I realised another changes. I became more diligent in things that I do. Like, I don't used to have group study and I'm having group study even beginning of week 2. I don't spend time at uni that much and now, I'm spending time at uni almost everyday, the reason being I have group assignment meetings. I don't study at night and now I regularly coming back late due to group study. Sounds like a drastic change! Even eldest sis said that too. :D

I guess I was just being another Yes Girl, transformation of Yes Man by Jim Carey!.


My energy is dried up now. I felt lethargic.

23 March 2009

endless love

have a break, have a love story ( okay, this is actually misstatement)
watched this clip during my law lecture and thought of sharing this with you all. No offence, Mr Bush, but it wasn't me who created this. :)

22 March 2009

let's talk about hair

Hey everyone!

I've something up for you guys. Actually not from me, but from New Idea, Australia. :D

I reckon a lot of your friends or relatives actually washed their hair EVERY DAY or TWICE A DAY, which is in the morning and at night. Worst still, you were told that you are not hygienic for not washing hair every day. Sounds familiar?

Well, I browsed the internet once I woke up and saw this little column of hair beauty myths! I love myths..! Just kidding.

Ok. So the first point that were mentioned is Washing your hair every day.

Actually hor, there's no need to wash your hair everyday as you will end up striping away its natural oil. I love my hair the very next day I washed and I don't end up washing it every day. Maybe 2 days once will do? Because I'm using Redken dandruff shampoo, it clears my oily scalp and by washing my hair every 2 days, my scalp oil grows and I felt more moistured the next day-loh.

Second point: Blow-drying soaking wet hair

I blow my hair once I washed my hair and due to my lack of knowledge of hair then, I had tremendous scary hair loss. Since then, I was introduced to use Redken anti thinning shampoo and it works! Really. It was worth to buy if you love your hair. So, before you blow your hair, assure that it's towel dried to about 80% and then blowed it and scrunch dry hair with your hand rather than using a brush. I love using hand to style my hair too. That's like innate comb!

There's actually another 2 points. And I have to cite the site, betul?
Source from: http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/b/newidea/22776/hair-and-now/

ps: Just in case you wonder if I'm using Redken products, the answer is YES! I love Redken and I have 4 of its products which is Dandruff shampoo, for thinning hair shampoo, volume12 ultra straight balm and volume 1 smoothing serum. Among all, volume 12 is my favourite top 1. Tame my bloody frizzy hair. :D

So, how often do you guys washed your hair? Do comment and share about it!

17 March 2009

How much I *heart* internet

I'm considering myself as late adopters since I often wait for few months when new innovation things pop up in this world now.

ebay.com is an online marketplace everyone has heard of. Undoubtedly, a lot of my friends have already went through the process of buying their stuffs from ebay.com. But for me, I was reluctant to buy things online. "WTF? Is it safe? What happens if there's fraud?" That's my traditional thinking, alright? I don't even believe in things like internet banking since there are so many spams outside the cyber world right now.

However, my perceptions of all those negative elements have been slowly deleted by me. I'm seeing the functionality, the creativity and innovativeness of how internet make my life so wonderful. OK, I'm gonna tell you why, k?

The 1 and only 1:: Save time Queuing up..

Yes, nobody like queuing up! Especially when you see 20-30 people q up for the sake of payment!See? We even have to waste our time in order to pay to the firm. That includes post office, immigration office or maybe insurance company. You took like 30 minutes to wait for your number to be called, and it took like 3 minutes for them to process and say sayonara to you and hoping that you inject more money in future. Ridiculous.

As mentioned, you don't have to queue. All you do is, sit in front of your laptop like how you are doing now reading my blog and go to their website to make payment. You actually save a looOOOt of time by doing online payment. let's see what I've utilised:

1. Purchasing goods from ebay.com

2. Pay school fees online. (I see so many people queuing up to pay online.LOL.TIME for CHANGE and avoid seeing how they're happy to receive $9,000 per person they get from fees)

3. Renew my OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) online too. I was shocked to see 20 over people lining up and I end up paying online and received my new card few days later.

4. Online payment to your creditors ( in this case, that's my sister).

5. Online Student Visa/Working Visa

6. Textbookexchange.com.au : This is really a good website for students in Australia if you want to get a second hand book. Simply type the title of the book and they'll list out the seller's name, contact number and the condition of the book. And you simply choose the one that suit your budget and arrange for a meet up at city or uni to exchange between textbook and CASH.

So, what are you guys waiting for? Instead of running here and there to queue up, do things online now! :)

Signin' off now.

15 March 2009

Keratosis Pilaris: A new info for you

For those of you who know me better, you realize that there are red bumps around my upper arms. Those red bumps have followed me for years, probably 6 years ago. I realize that those bumps were actually f*king irritating that I wished to burn those skin and God would let me grow a very nice and bump less skin.

Due to that, I couldn't really wear nice tops. Sigh. And that's really pathetic. So, last year, before I came back to Melbourne, I thought, " I should spend money and see the skin doctor"

For the first time, I went to Lim Skin Clinic and were charged for about RM130 and were given 3 bottles of cream and a soap. I used that for 1 month plus and I see no difference.

So, I gave another try and went to Tropika Clinic and were told this is Keratosis Pilaris (KP) and it's due to hormone. *But that doesn't mean I'm hormonal imbalance, alright?*

I was stunned when I was told that this could follow me till I reach the age 40s. WTF? I was also given Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizer to alleviate the stupid bumps. That cost me about RM80. Still not much effect. :(

I goggled myself and I found that many people actually got KP. Some even have it on buttocks and legs, and I got this on my upper arm. :(

Guess what I found?

KP Duty by Derma Doctor, a moisturizing theraphy for dry skin and exclusively for KP. I read the comments and were so ecstatic that,




GosH!!! And there's no shipment from US to Australia. HOWWW? HOWWW??

Someone please help me!!!!

How possible can I get that?

14 March 2009

Another saturday

Hello, everyone!!

Isn't it good to see Gracious back on track--->blogging?

It's been exactly fourteen days since I came back here in Melbourne. The best thing is, the weather was good when I reached here. It was cooling like the day I left Melbourne. Sometimes, I felt that I did not even leave Melbourne back to Malaysia. 3 months holiday were gone just like that. *blinks* ahh I miss home now..

It's raining outside now and the whole city looks so gloomy now. I woke up at 9.15am and I thought, "Should I go and continue my dreamland now?"

Let's get back to reality now!

Well, facing the beginning of the semester is not really my cup of tea. Most time, I see new faces and I thought to myself, "That's when my friend from previous semester ends and new friends from this semester comes". I meant some friends, ok? A friend of mine told me that it's good to extend the friendship here, but in my perspective, I prefer little friends but with long term relationship. I don't want hi bye friend anyway.. Well, that's just my opinion. Why wanna care right?

I'm more than ecstatic that I'm having fun with friends I know this semester. At least, it's not the worst compared to what had happen to me in my first semester. You should know what happened if you are my close friends. *winks*

Well, my classes are pretty organized too. 4 days of classes. Phew.

But, It's also the month where everything are in doubts.

Talking about my co op, I'm clueless. What am I gonna do in that company? Will I find a job here? Which company I'm going to work with? When can I find the job? How much I'm going to get at least to keep my stomach full? After all, my main point is to get a job here. Whether low or high pay, that doesn't matter to me anymore.

I went to RMIT Career Fair few days ago and I came back with disappointments. I was told by the representatives that they only want PR.


Anybody wants to adopt me? Please.....? :O

13 March 2009

American Idol

Baaaahhh~~. Sit back and chill..

07 March 2009

a new 'thing' in Victoria.

It was 9pm when this actually happened.

Well, that was real close to what happened in most movies.

I was laying on the floor watching 'Gods of Honour' with my sister when I felt 'something' actually moved me.

This lasted for few seconds and I told my sis, "Wey, stop moving, can or not..."

"You were the one moving!" she said.

So we sort of arguing who were the one moving first as she claimed to witness my legs moving ( That I didn't even knew it).

I even jokingly told her that it must be earthquake if it wasn't her to move the whole place. We sort of argued bout this and I even placed a cup of water on the floor.

As I stood up, I checked my MSN and guess what???

It's a real EARTHQUAKE!!!

Adrian messaged me and he felt that awkward earthquake! I went to heraldsun.com.au and there were already a shocking news up there.

I opened my eyes so big that I started panicked and all sorts of illusions came to me. Then, both my sis and I started ringing friends and family to see if they're ok.

A relative of mine replied, " I didn't feel it. Could it be a plane just passed by?"

Anonymous: "Could it be Godzilla????"

Anonymous: Must be Indonesia! ( but this is no valid. Indo is soooooo far away...)

AunAun must've felt funny and bewildered that earthquake happens in Melbourne..

05 March 2009

I miss you suddenly..

Mayday (Wu Yue Tian) - Tu Ran Hao Xiang Ni

Zui pa kong qi tu ran an jing
i'm most afraid that the air would suddenly be quiet

Zui pa peng you tu ran de guan xin
most afraid of the concern that friends sometimes give

Zui pa hui yi tu ran fan gun
most afraid that memories would suddenly roll again

jiao tong zhe bu ping xi
hurting with no rest

Zui pa tu ran ting dao ni de xiao xi
most afraid of suddenly hearing news of you again

Xiang nian ru guo hui you sheng yin
if my longing had a voice

bu yuan na shi bei shang de khu qi
i wouldn't want it to be a sorrowful cry

Shi dao ru jin
things have come to this

zhong yu rang zi ji shu yu wo zi ji
i finally belong to myself again

Zhe shen yan lei hai pian bu guo zi ji
just that i can't deceive myself yet because of the tears

Tu ran hao xiang ni
i suddenly miss you

ni hui zai na li
where could you be

guo de kuai le huo wei qu
are you happy or sad

Tu ran hao xiang ni
i suddenly miss you

tu ran feng li de hui yi
the sudden piercing memory

tu ran mo hu de yan jing
the suddenly blurred eyes

Wo men xiang yi shou zui mei li de ge qu
we are like the most beautiful song

bian cheng lian bu bei shang de dian ying
turned into two sorrowful movies

Wei shen me ni
why did you

dai wo zou guo zui nan wang de lv xing
lead me on the most unforgettable jouney

Ran hou liu xia zui tong de ji nian ping
and then leave the most painful souvenir

我们那麽甜 那麽美
Wo men na me tian
we were so sweet, so beautiful

na me mei na me xiang xin
so trusting

那麽疯 那麽热烈的曾经
Na me feng na me re lie de cheng jin
so crazy, so passionate in the past

Wei he wo men
why did we

hai shi yao ben xiang ge zi de xing fu
have to run towards our different happiness

heyi han zhong lao qu
and grow old with our regrets

Tu ran hao xiang ni
i suddenly miss you

ni hui zai na li
where could you be

guo de kuai le huo wei qu
are you happy or sad

Tu ran hao xiang ni
i suddenly miss you

tu ran feng li de hui yi
the sudden piercing memory

tu ran mo hu de yan jing
the suddenly blurred eyes

Zui pa kong qi tu ran an jing
i'm most afraid that the air would suddenly be quiet

zui pa peng you tu ran guan xin
most afraid of the concern that friends sometimes give

Zui pa hui yi tu ran fan gun
most afraid that memories would suddenly roll again

jiao tong zhe bu ping xi
hurting with no rest

Zui pa tu ran ting dao ni de xiao xi
most afraid of suddenly hearing news of you again

Zui pa ci sheng yi jing que xin zi ji guo
most afraid of having decided to live this life alone

mei you ni Que you tu ran
without you but yet suddenly

ting dao ni de xiao xi
hearing news of you again

*sob sob* :(

22 February 2009

to the witches..

it's just the beginning of the year and the feeling of anger has already built its territory in my heart.

you know, some people *may* ( i mean may..) want to try to help you, but it ends up hurting you even more. Are they really trying to help you by finding the truths?

I do not understand why!, but everything supposed to turn out great! and extremely great. It takes a long time to build trust and support, but it takes a word or a minute to turn trust into suspicious act.

You tried to be 'friendly' , but indeed you were just a witch who couldn't shut your mouth up. You brought up this whole disaster and you are leaving without cleaning all the mess. You were so jealous that you couldn't swallow every good food. WTF?

You were so helpful that you even dragged me to death.

Why do people became so talkative and did not use their brain when they talk?

the anger is still within me.. OucH!!

16 February 2009

i don't like this.

At the beginning of every semester, good students got tad anxious of having to create their best timetable. You know, especially when you have clash time, that was the beginning of anger and 'manchang-ness'.

Being a good student to myself *ahemm*, I woke up at 4am (equivalent to 7am Aust time) to create my timetable since it is scheduled to come out on internet at 6am. I guessed not many will wake up so early to create, right? In fact, I was soooo WRONG!.

Just an hour, most of the classes that I favor were full!! FULL!!!

I had no choice but to sit on the computer earrrrrly in the morning for 1 hour to arrange my timetable. End up, I was thrilled that it was done nicely!.

I went to my dreamland back.

When I woke up to check my timetable again, I was shocked to see that one of my lecture class has been canceled due to some server problem.

Gosh. Does that mean I need to wake up at 4am again tmr????


In the mean time, my Valentine photo. :)

I woke up in the morning..

.........and I know that I do not need to say more than me looking at the

gift...... :)

15 February 2009

Wah so long already!

Dear readers,

Wow! It has been almost 3 weeks since I last updated my blog. I must've been real busy! Weehee!!.

Just to simplify this blog, these are what I did for the past 3 weeks.

1. Bro got married on 7th of February 2009. That 1 week was full of excitement and everyone in the family got real nervous and stress as they needed to handle lots of stuffs. Oh, that includes, friends and families' punctuality at the wedding dinner. But of course, I was assigned tasks too. I had to create a Flashback video for both the bride and groom. It took lots of effort to do that, but guess what, it did not turn out really that well. I would actually point my finger to the fault of the wireman that day. I tested the video at least 4 times prior to the dinner and it went well. However, they did not play the video at the Right and Precise time.. Bad lighting too. Aih, what happens has already passed. Look ahead and I give my best hope and sincerity to both of them. I'm still waiting for the official photos to be sent to my house. Kindly wait,k.

2. Playing with the 2 Kids on weekdays. Went out on weekend. That's what I did almost everyday!. I was really glad that I managed to watch this 2 kids grow up. From baby to crawling and walking. OH yes, Aunaun runs too!!. It has been 8 months since I last saw him, and without realization, he was becoming more horny. If he forgot who his first kiss was, I would tell him in the future that, "It was either me, fern,ling or my mum". I meant mouth to mouth kiss k. Like wanna kiss u continuously... Yingz on the other hand, often attacked everyone with his iron head.
3. Everyday eat here and there.. So when u see me, I happen to turn out cute.. :) Do I need to explain more??

31 January 2009

chinese new year 2009

Without realising it, it was another year to collect angpows from relatives and married couple. Gong hey fatt choy everyone! :D

Just another early in the morning, I woke up happily knowing that it is the best time of the year. It’s the time I received lot angpow..

Still, this year’s Chinese New Year is just another ordinary day. Woke up, wished parents/grandparents, shower, and dressed up, relatives came, received countless ang pows, lunch, family portrait, visiting another relatives, eat, visit, eat, visit, eat and eat…. Then sleep. Do these seem familiar to you?

Anyway, it has been our family culture to have vegetarian dishes on the first day of CNY. Mum woke up earlier than everyone to prepare for these meal. Thanks mum!

This is black fungus with glass noodles and mushroom. Hm.. I give this 3/5. Mum.. please put gravy...

Oh how I love this! This is the so called faked fish, and faked duck meat. This, I give 4/5.

Though this seem ordinary, this is the favorite of everyone in the house. Yummy! 5/5

Shall I leave the best thing for the last then? This is mum's number 1 vegetarian curry with potatoes and faked chicken. I'm still thinking of this curry now as I type now... :D

Oh did I forgot the rating?? 5/5 for this!

Aun Aun never forgets to visit us even on CNY!. It was 4 days since we last saw him and by the time we saw him, he seemed to have grown up in 4 days!

He changed his way of dressing. He wore the Pumpkin Patch shirt I bought and a 3/4 pants. That was way too cool. Guess what, he even waxed his hair. LMAO.

Guests like that spot to take pictures. Even AunAun and his sister wanted too. Aren't they lovely?

AunAun tried to dance with his sister. Jazz? Tango? Cha Cha ok ar??

26 January 2009


Gong Hei Fatt Choy, everyone!

As We MooOooVe FrOm 2008tO 2009..MaY You HavE No WorriEsAnD MoRe FuN..DuN Let StReSS TriP You OvErAnD SpEnD MoRe TiMe WitH FaMiLyAnD FriEnDs..

HaVe A GreaT Chinese Niu YeaR

and.. hope that there will not be many cows crossing the road during peak season..

09 January 2009

Tiger has non-existent flight ?

Remember on November my sister and I booked 2 faulty one way tickets from to Canberra from Melbourne?

My sister sent me an article of this lady who had almost the same incident.

According to SMH, this woman booked on a non-existent flight with Tiger knowing that the flight did not exist when she went to the counter early in the morning.

How could an airline company have such error yet refuse to make a full refund to the lady? Now, the world is very realistic that people go to the press or blog about it once they encounter dissatisfaction.

I also mentioned in my previous post that not everyone checked their email and indeed, the lady felt the same way. Tiger or any other company should've text their customers the most efficient way.

True enough, this just waste the customers' time and money to get another flight.

I don't know if other airline company has the same problem, however this need to be addressed quickly.

Lessons to learn: Cheap things don't necessarily conclude well.

07 January 2009

Red by Marc Ecko

Please please,

If anyone knows where I can get this shoe, please tell me. I'm dying to get that sneaker. It's called Red by Marc Ecko endorsed by Vanessa Hudgens.

I went to KL a year ago and a year later and I was told it is not marketed in Malaysia yet. WTH right?

So, please please, if it's in Melbourne or KL... do do do TELL ME, k??

06 January 2009

he says hie to u

please, may i present you, the imitation of...............

edward cullen!!

That's how he looked like after he had his shower..... with whitey face.

05 January 2009

Mamma Mia! for you!

just as it ended with a happy wedding. (:

I thought I should start with Mamma Mia! first.

On December 2008, I attended the renowned musical show Mamma Mia!. Indeed, it was my very first time attending such musical show apart from concerts I've been to such as Sally Yeh and Michael Wong.

Just to tell you all a secret, I got the ticket for a cheaper price from a friend who sold to me. I know thousands of people who did not have this opportunity are gonna kill me for this. But er... sorry, first come, first serve, alright? *winks*

So, I reached there 30 minutes before the stage play and were truly mesmerized upon entering. I felt like a Datin. OMG!. Ok i'm just kidding. Just because the interior of Istana Budaya looked somehow very grand (not indeed), I felt as if I went there to receive award or to some Grand Ballroom.

But of course, the stage wasn't as big as I expected to be. This is my view from my seat. Not bad though.

The stage was fully utilized by them. Decorated with a simple backdrop and fascinating lights, music of Mamma Mia! came to you in reality. The sound system was amazing that I even wanted to sing along the song. Whee.. Wait, it could be an orchestra playing from another side of the stage though, cos' it was simply fabulous!

"I have a dream, a song to sing..." and the show started.

It was my biggest honor to attend that musical show. I think I've already fallen in love with live musical show. And the guys were real cute, kawaii, chubby... ewww... This picture could be my best shot. And then, a red laser light were seen pointing at me. :(

The actor and actresses were really professional. There were error free, even if it did; it was invisible to me though. It was really enjoyable, honestly! No wonder the tickets were sold out!

Ps: I risk myself in taking the pictures lo.. So don't tell me the pictures were suck. Though not perfect, I was happy indeed. Just guessed how many red lasers light I get-loh. -_-" . I was enjoying the show more than I took pictures. =)

02 January 2009

There I go.

Ops, I was so busy to update my blog! 2 kids to play with, too many letters for me to type, friends to go out with and many more.

So, as mentioned in the previous post, I went to Kampar, one of the town area in Perak.

There goes my first time experience. *Sounds like losing virginity* >.<

Just few days ago, my brother, the wife and the big family, mum, sis and I went to Kampar at Perak. Like many other people think, " What Perak has? Why the hell did you go to Perak??"

Yes, that's exactly what I thought initially.

It's exactly Christmas Day that day.

I was truly stunned and amazed that my sis in law's mum had prepared so well that she did a trip itenary from Day 1 to Day 3 for all of us! So well organised!

Upon arriving at Kampar, we were treated to a famous seafood restaurant at Tj Tualang. We had the big tiger prawn steamed with Brand's and I had countless appetizing prawn.. Yummm..

You see, I was so busy eating that I forgot to take pictures of it. HeeHee..

That was the time that my mum and I were so busy doing food shopping; the famous biscuits and Sak Keh Mah.

Before we checked in at hotel, we headed straight to Gua Tempurung (Tempurung Cave) to experience water rafting.

I was one of them who were so anxious for this water game as I am a bad swimmer. To be precise, I don’t know how to swim.

“That’s too dangerous for me”, I thought.

Once I stepped into the boat, I felt myself so challenging!

5 of us were inside the boat and I reckon we really burnt a lot of calories!

Water rafting is sooooo nice that I want to upgrade myself to Grade 4 and 5.

Guess what, the hotel that we stayed in is so cheap. A 4person bed's deluxe room and it only cost 200RM plus. It's also the one and only in Kampar.

The very next day, we went for Hot Spring. Not exactly hot spring, but this is really interesting. The water flow from the waterfall were cold, however, as you put your leg inside the sand, you felt heat and it was really burning as if you got electric shock. This is due to some earth theories I don’t know. LOl. Yes, that’s my first time again besides water rafting and eating so many prawns.

Everyone had fun including bro who got so obsessed by going in the middle of the river to shoot a portrait picture of my sister.

me, mummy and sis self shot

see?? the water is so hot that you can even boil eggs.

Before we headed back home, we went to the pomelo farm, passing by Tanjung Rambutan. It was also the first time I visited the biggest pomelo farm at Tambum. Even the god of food from Hong Kong visited this place. For pomelo lovers, you have to come here!

Pomelo lovers...

Mum was really overwhelmed.

And not forgotten me holding up two pomelos…

Perhaps, I shall upload more pictures in the next few entries.

Shit, I've so many things to blog. My Mamma Mia stageplay, New Year and many more.. Sigh.