19 May 2009

who says I'm emo?

I've been asked recently if I am having / had a sad relationship currently. Definitely not, I would answer. There's only 1 reason for that poems to appear. I'm just EMO. EMO.EMO.EMO. Haha. Self explanatory? Fine? Well, actually that's just a random post of the feelings that struck me that moment. Heehee.

*Woot* Hello 19th May!

This is Gracie and I'm so lazy.

So, you think I'm still emo, yeah? Fine... Look at the photo below and you'll realise that I'm still the same happy go lucky Gracie you knew. :P

Taddaaa!! Can't you realise my face is full with happiness? (oh dear!)


Hey! I'm not done with the post yet. So, if you're on FACEBOOK, you would probably have seen this, haven't you?Seems familiar but still couldn't recognise this?

What bout after I've magnified it?

On one perspective, it is a lamp. On another perspective, it looks like a girl wearing bikini or g-string with her legs open, isn't it?

ROFL! I Just realised that I actually took that picture before last year before I actually saw it in facebook.


Anonymous said...

R u saying me????? hahaha
John here btw~

g r a c e said...

HAHA yea u r one of them. LOL.