17 March 2009

How much I *heart* internet

I'm considering myself as late adopters since I often wait for few months when new innovation things pop up in this world now.

ebay.com is an online marketplace everyone has heard of. Undoubtedly, a lot of my friends have already went through the process of buying their stuffs from ebay.com. But for me, I was reluctant to buy things online. "WTF? Is it safe? What happens if there's fraud?" That's my traditional thinking, alright? I don't even believe in things like internet banking since there are so many spams outside the cyber world right now.

However, my perceptions of all those negative elements have been slowly deleted by me. I'm seeing the functionality, the creativity and innovativeness of how internet make my life so wonderful. OK, I'm gonna tell you why, k?

The 1 and only 1:: Save time Queuing up..

Yes, nobody like queuing up! Especially when you see 20-30 people q up for the sake of payment!See? We even have to waste our time in order to pay to the firm. That includes post office, immigration office or maybe insurance company. You took like 30 minutes to wait for your number to be called, and it took like 3 minutes for them to process and say sayonara to you and hoping that you inject more money in future. Ridiculous.

As mentioned, you don't have to queue. All you do is, sit in front of your laptop like how you are doing now reading my blog and go to their website to make payment. You actually save a looOOOt of time by doing online payment. let's see what I've utilised:

1. Purchasing goods from ebay.com

2. Pay school fees online. (I see so many people queuing up to pay online.LOL.TIME for CHANGE and avoid seeing how they're happy to receive $9,000 per person they get from fees)

3. Renew my OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) online too. I was shocked to see 20 over people lining up and I end up paying online and received my new card few days later.

4. Online payment to your creditors ( in this case, that's my sister).

5. Online Student Visa/Working Visa

6. Textbookexchange.com.au : This is really a good website for students in Australia if you want to get a second hand book. Simply type the title of the book and they'll list out the seller's name, contact number and the condition of the book. And you simply choose the one that suit your budget and arrange for a meet up at city or uni to exchange between textbook and CASH.

So, what are you guys waiting for? Instead of running here and there to queue up, do things online now! :)

Signin' off now.

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