24 April 2009

dear you,

Do you still remember how we started?

Nobody could have figured that out.

It was a total silent then,

And only voices of dinosaurs could be heard. ;)

You held my hand,

And you kissed the pain away.

It started with a kiss.

Which never came across in our mind.

All I can see is look into your eyes

And see myself.

We denied how much we cared for each other,

But nevertheless that is how we know the truth,

That we are meant to be together

Regardless of the hard times we had

Because we know that love has no limit.

wink, episode 2

23 April 2009

To you..

Suddenly, it’s so dark here.

It was as if I have lost my legs

that I can barely move nor talk.

I felt so numb!

You took away the thorns in my heart,

You taught me how to live a life,

You taught me how to love people,

And we learnt how to love each other.

All I can think of is having you by my side,

Our memories just kept on appearing as if it was real.

And how I wished that you're here right in front of me...

Yay! Emo episode 1 entry.

15 April 2009

don't wear black helmet

As usual, I went for a study group for Biz Finance today.

Came back around 6 ish and as I entered the lift, I see no one, and I started thinking that I'm going to have McDeluxe for dinner later. WHeee..

Just not long I entered the lift, the lift stopped and the door opened. Immediately I thought I reached Level 13 but, instead of Level 13, it reached level 3!

Now, this is climax!.

Yes, the door opened and guess what I saw?

Guess!! Guess!! Guess!!


I saw a relly HUGE MAN standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME


OBviously not like this!

I MEAn, he's really HUGE!

I was taken aback! And Yes, You''re into imagination on HOw FUnny I looked LIke.

"wuah! Like Arnold swatchnager . Ops Schwarzenegger I meant!. Some more it's just like when you watch Alien vs Predator or what when the lift open, you see a BIG guy with BLACK HELMET which looks exactly like alien standing in front of you."

Or maybe his body posture looked similar to this, and in a dark environment, can u not OPEN YOUR EYES BIG?

eg: He was Taller than me few HEADS.

14 April 2009

What's the "in thing" now?

OH. Did anyone notice something new in my layout?


what is (a) to (j) ??

Happy Easter everyone!

I've been dissapearing for a week and a week passed JUST LIKE THAT! Imagine how fast!

Nevertheless, I've been good and utilize my time well enough so that "REGRET" doesn't appear in front of me. Still, 1 week is not enough for me. :(

I talked with mum few days ago and she claimed that time was running fast too in Malaysia! So, I guess the earth is really spinning faster then? 0.O?

anyway, I went to Puffing Billy, Yarra Valley and Healesville Sanctuary just few days ago!

Pictures will be uploaded soon. Too many pictures to resize. How tiring!


My assignments and homeworks are starting to get pilled up! Someone please help me to alleviate the burden. I'm just too scared to think of Commercial Law, Biz Finance, Glo. Marketing and Products Innovation Management. And I can't wait to finish all the assignments too!!!! Sony and Krispy Kreme and Sony, please do motivate me. :)

In mean time, I know I will be heck busy like bees cos:

a) Attending Developing Leader's Day
b) Global Marketing test
c) State Conference
d) Law Test
e) PIM assignment DUE
f) Global marketing assignment DUE
g) PIM test
h) finance test
i) Law cases summaries and flowchart
j) Co op

Someone tell me to cool down please..


06 April 2009


it is ridiculous at times that things kept hunting you when you want to forget about them.

it just kept popping up out of no where and left you feeling nostalgic.


What's this?

05 April 2009


So obviously that I have not been updating my blog for the past few weeks. I have been really busy and stress although it is just week 5 .

Oh, I realised that I changed after I went back to Penang last year. I mean in terms of personality changes.

My little sis and mum was telling me that I changed after I went to Melbourne for about a year. I was driving that time and all I could think of is that I changed in a negative way. Surprisingly, I was told that I was less hot tempered and became even gentle. LOL!! Seriously I never thought that I was that baddddddd before I went there and I reckoned it should be due to my work pressure. *winks*

After I came back to Melbourne, I realised another changes. I became more diligent in things that I do. Like, I don't used to have group study and I'm having group study even beginning of week 2. I don't spend time at uni that much and now, I'm spending time at uni almost everyday, the reason being I have group assignment meetings. I don't study at night and now I regularly coming back late due to group study. Sounds like a drastic change! Even eldest sis said that too. :D

I guess I was just being another Yes Girl, transformation of Yes Man by Jim Carey!.


My energy is dried up now. I felt lethargic.