28 September 2008

Do you know that...

I had a bad mood last week. I couldn’t figure out what is it that makes me so moody and lazy, finding life so mundane. It was until yesterday, that my home was filled with music.

My home wasn’t that quiet anymore, like how it turned me to a panda (if u know what it really means).

Oh it wasn’t just music. It was music video. Guess whose song is it that I played?

Don’t know?


Jacky Cheung?




Ahhaaa. Nop.

I was playing NicholasTeo’s vcd. His latest concert in KL which I missed, again!

His voice melted my heart... Loves.

26 September 2008

When the world turns you down, look at this:

One of my favorites too :


Tadaaa a colorful parrot!

25 September 2008


I'm really lost.

I don't know what to do.

I don't know how to do.

I don't know what I'm doing.

And I don't know how to solve the don't know problem.

I just don't know..

I guess I'm lost in the jungle..

Like this...

22 September 2008

the reason i'm moody

it's so gloomy outside.

where is the bright sun that used to shine on me ?

i miss the sun.

the whole city has been so gloomy for hours.

i'm cold.. anybody care to give me a hug?


Why ah ??

Why is the weather in Melbourne has been always uncertain? A minute you see the blue sky up there, you get dressed up, ready to rock the city. And then, once you get out from the house, the sky turn gloomy and rain. A while more, it stops and the sky turn blue again. Then, out of sudden, it showers, followed by strong wind, that it blows ur hair.Your hair become messy, and that's when you thought, "I think I should just stay at home.."

Jeez. this is me. this is Melbourne.

I've just finished my IPE essay, but I just felt I should've done better. Tintin told me that his productivity decrease but the kiasu-nesss increase. I think that applies same towards me. Whatever I've done, I think that's just now enough. Till then, I was strucked with regrets.

21 September 2008

when I don't know what the reason is

This week has been a hectic week for me. Yet, me myself and I don't know the real reason. Somehow, when one is sick, the productivity decrease. I couldn't think rationally. I was supposed to start my IPE Essay last week, but no, I was sick the whole week. Even if I go to lectures, I couldn't concentrate. My brain were sleepy and so lazy that I skipped few lectures. But wait. It wasn't only me who skipped the lectures. Students who were not even sick skipped lectures.

Now, I'm so frustrated in witting my essay. Whatever I write, I think that is not up to my expectations. I was so hoping that I'm born with fantastic writing skills. How great that would be?

I miss him.. I wish to go back to see him.. to hug him.. Everytime when I see him through webcam, I was so happy that no words can describe my feelings. He was so cute that everytime I see him, he seemed to be very busy walking here and there, picking papers, doing his 'admin' stuffs.

picture taken during CNY before I left.

18 September 2008

taxi in malaysia

Malaysia has 'successfully' become the

Malaysia's 'worst in the world' taxis tarnish national image

How possible is that? WEll, I think that's possible. If you ask me how many times I've traveled by taxi before in Malaysia, the numbers are countable. The reasons are just simple. I'm avoiding those so called raped cases and overcharged fees by the taxi drivers for not using metres. Last few years, there were so many rape cases involving taxi drivers. Isn't this simply ridiculous?

Now, Malaysia promote their tourism thingy. So, the tourists came. And now they were blindly overcharged by the irresponsible taxi drivers. Jeez. People are so desperate.

I recalled once I took a taxi in KL with my friend. Curiousity strucked me as I saw a bottle hung on to his gear. The reason behind this was to block the customers behind from looking at the price of the metres so that they can simply post up any price. SO cheeky see!!!!

This is Malaysia-lah. :S

17 September 2008

Guess guess guess

Can anybody guess the reason I posted up this pic? ALright. I've to tell u guys anyway. I was imitating Kuan Yin Ma. LOl.. In the meantime, i was ailing, so posting up this pics will help me to recover. Haha Am I talking nonsense? Hmm. This picture showed gracious floating in the air while maintaining her stability to float. Isn't it greaatttTTTTTTtttt????? :P

It's gonna be a hectic week for me these days. Lots of assignment and presentation these 3 weeks. Jeez. I havent even started them.:(

I just wish to get well 100% soon so that I've the spirit to start and end my first IPE essay.



14 September 2008

will be back soon

my apologies to fellow friends,

gracious will be on leave for a week due to:

her sickness since last week,
unfinished IPE essay..

stay tuned.

09 September 2008

dogs are playful, aren't they?

Allow me to update my 08' collection:

Description: A dog kept following the guy with its mouth holding a stick. Being playful, the dog placed the stick in front of the guy. Not knowing what the dog was thinking, the guy tried to pick up the stick and throw the stick to far far away.. The dog dashed to pick its stick, as usual what dogs did. The guy tried to take away the stick from the dog with enormous energy till the dog was lift up. It was only to my conscious that the dog just want to play with the guy. Dogs are playful, as always.

08 September 2008

Lil baby's new companion.

I was more than ecstatic when it was proven that I bought the right filters for my little baby alpha. To add value to the filters that I had now, I was given a really great price of the filters. 3 filters for a mere RM100, that's like 30aud for 3 fillers ranging from +1,+2 and +4 where these 3 can be screwed together to produce +7. Not to be forgotten, +10 is with me too. Just imagine how wonderful that would be for a kiam siap avid photographer like me! No, not exactly. The Hoya Filters are actually highly recommended for people who want to start macro like me. Whee.. Prior to having the Hoya Filter, I almost got the Raynox DCR250, however was recommended my Michael's staff that it would not be suitable for my little baby. Too bad... >.<

I've also test shot some of the majestic flowers during spring in Melbourne. There they go. Taken with Sony Alpha 100 with +4 and +2 hoya filters. Enjoy!

As you can see, the DOF is really shallow. TO capture the best photo, use tripod. All these photos were not taken with tripod.
Red red red.

Violet, blue? what say you?

04 September 2008

fiesta malaysia- part IV

This Malaysian has the Australian accent. This is all that I remembered.
talala kungfu fighting...
Ting ting tong tong.

02 September 2008

why so serious-wor???

I finally watched Batman The Dark Knight......

after several attempts.

If I would ever ever meet Batman, I wished to ask him, " can you change back to your original tone instead of your low voice??"

I reckon Batman are similar to Hancock. Ya know why? That's because he kept destroying other people's car while chasing Joker and the gang. Not similar to Hancock? Hancock wanted to save the people, which numerous times vandalizing the public 's car and building.

ps: I'm so out..watching it after thousands of people had already watched it. :S

Oh I love the car.....

fiesta malaysia -part III

Next, was a performance by Laura Wong. Unexpectedly, she sang beautifully, like butterflies.
COlourful peranakan baju kebaya. The first lady was really enthusiastic when she sang Rasa Sayang and other songs. Oh yes, the backstage DJ was laughing when they sang. I reckoned he must be thinking.. " My Lord, what on earth is this song? So ridiculous!" He laughed uncontrollably, till he went behind the stage to hide. So bad, hor ?

Ladies and gentlemen of the Baba and Nyoya.
Don't underestimate them. They played live, can you?
Hmm. this pretty girl is Melissa Seow from Melbourne Uni, singing Fly Away from Fish Leong and Bukan Cinta Biasa from Datuk Siti Nurhaliza. Her voice not bad,k. She can consider to join the Malaysian Idol next year. A friend of mine told me that she just memorize the pinyin lyrics, just like me. But she was real good. :)

01 September 2008

fiesta malaysia -part II

Another silat performance by adults. See, see... the guy flew-leh. I saw it with my own eyes. That was the only thing attract me. If only they perform kungfu, gonna be even better though!
The way he sits on the other fella just reminded me of Kungfu Panda. Looks alike, right?Hehe..
Wah wah wah. Another stunt. Reminds me again where I used to play with this bird made of clay where it can stand still with its beak.
Performance by East Malaysia. Let me tell you. When they started perform, it rains. When they finished perform, it stops. Then, it was back again an hour later due to "POPULAR DEMAND". And it rains again. :P