31 May 2009

Dream Again

I haven't seen my Baby in so long
But I can feel her in this song
I turn on the stereo,the groove is nice and slow
If only she was here to dance along

I write her letters every single day
There's only so much words can say
We'll be together soon
I'm dancin' in my room
Imagining you're not so far away

And I dream again
You're right by my side
You're back in my arms again
A feeling so sublime

So I dream again
Your beautiful smile
When we're dancin' cheek to cheek
Across a thousand miles (yeah)

My Baby hasn't seen me in so long
And she knows I'd never do her wrong
She turns on the stereo, the Stevie tunes I know
Wishing I was there to dance along

And she dreams again
I'm right by her side
I'm back in her arms again
A feeling so sublime

So she dreams again
of hearing the sound
of sweet nothings late at night
With no one else around yeah

And when the night is over
The loneliness is through
I know in my heart that you're my everything
I'll never love another
As long as I have you
So tell me that we can last forever

30 May 2009

[empty] : =(

I'm speechless about things that are imminent.

Whether it is good or bad,

It is really out of my control.

Now my life has been clearly sketched with ambiguity.

Shall I leave this all to God then?

It reminds me of how f*king "s hold" u ruined everything that makes how I am now.

Can't believe I am squatting down looking at the soil filled with worms now.

Xin Tiao

Has my heart stopped beating?

No, I think it is still beating for u.

23 May 2009

I am pondering,

Would you go for something that you know will get return?

Would you go for something that you know might not get return?

Would you go for something that might be worst than before?

Would you go for uncertainty?

I am left with nothing but ambiguity.

Can I ask for the answer?

21 May 2009

oh dear. it's him again

I met HIM again.

Yes, it's him..

No, It's not my Dream Guy.

It's the HUGE guy who freaked me out last month when I was in the lift. Remember? At least, it wasn't that scary now as I wasn't standing right in front of the lift. *oh at least I learnt the lesson. *winks*

Today, Kathy invited a guest speaker from Slim Secret to talk about marketing the products internationally and how Sharon, the guest speaker managed the whole process with help of Austrade.

Prior to that, I thought it was just the same old grandmother story. Man, I was wrong. I reckoned that she, the founder of Slim Secrets was a successful businesswoman, mother and a wife though. She managed everything by her own and with help of her children to stick the labels on the products. That was so cute and sweet! Just reminded me when I helped my mum cutting the almond breads for sale prior to Chinese New Year. *Yes, and how I got scolded coz I either cut it too thick or too thin, but I eventually cut according to what she wanted.* :P

Oh, I have also been told that people actually visit my blog! I thought there's no readers and that really demotivates me from updating my blog.

Stay tuned. :)

I guess I'm just throwing everything that I can think of.

Last Saturday, went to Suzy's 22nd birthday party. Happy 22nd Birthday, girl! Well, pictures tell the tales, should I go further?

Dinner at 'a japanese restaurant' at Lil Bourke St. Eh? I looked sleepy. -_-"

A group picture with Suzy's birthday cake. Don't 'play play' ah. People inside the pic are multicultural, u know? From West to East to North to South part of the world. :P

Just before dinner starts. The hole in the middle of the long table is where we BBQ meat there.

Noon activity. Guess what? KTV as usual. Please ignore my standing pose. Photo error-lah

Woot. Hello Everyone! Thank you for reading and have a sweet dream :)

19 May 2009

who says I'm emo?

I've been asked recently if I am having / had a sad relationship currently. Definitely not, I would answer. There's only 1 reason for that poems to appear. I'm just EMO. EMO.EMO.EMO. Haha. Self explanatory? Fine? Well, actually that's just a random post of the feelings that struck me that moment. Heehee.

*Woot* Hello 19th May!

This is Gracie and I'm so lazy.

So, you think I'm still emo, yeah? Fine... Look at the photo below and you'll realise that I'm still the same happy go lucky Gracie you knew. :P

Taddaaa!! Can't you realise my face is full with happiness? (oh dear!)


Hey! I'm not done with the post yet. So, if you're on FACEBOOK, you would probably have seen this, haven't you?Seems familiar but still couldn't recognise this?

What bout after I've magnified it?

On one perspective, it is a lamp. On another perspective, it looks like a girl wearing bikini or g-string with her legs open, isn't it?

ROFL! I Just realised that I actually took that picture before last year before I actually saw it in facebook.

15 May 2009

2 days to go.

Oh one more assignment to go and I'm ON for final exam revision again!

I just can't wait for ONE MONTH holiday! BAHhhhhhhh!!!!!

I'm looking for places to go for my winter holiday.Should I go to:

1) Sydney
2) Gold Coast

or all??

And who would like to be in this tour group??

14 May 2009

Baby I'm Yours.

I still recalled, how I felt,
When I first left my hometown by myself,
How deep you looked into my eyes,
And you told me that you will wait for me.

It was just a day when I thought it was already a month
since I last met you.
I'm dying so much to hold your hand
like how you used to hold my hand.

It was already decades now,
That we are still in the same position.
Are we just used to being like this?
Or are we just afraid to change?

The nearer I am to you,
the further we are.
The more we love each other,
the more suffering we get.
But deep inside our heart,
we know that we need each other.

How much I miss you?

09 May 2009

love finds you in memories

Me and you
How to compare in this lifetime?
Me and you
Almost together forever
The time and place we unexpectedly meet
Is like a drama
Doesn't know where to start

Love is too heavy
Not enough air to breathe in
Love is too beautiful
Lightly yet unable to carry it
When love arrived
It's just like a beautiful weather
When love is gone
It suddenly changed into blizzard rainstorm

If I could hate you
Painfully hate you with all my strength
Hiding and evading when we encounter
It's because wanting to let you go
But still missing you
Who is more miserable than I am
Fearing being reminded of the past
No matter how hard the arms are stretched
There is still distance between us

You are far away
How to say I'm sorry
You are very near
Yet suddenly left in split second
Maybe happiness is too brief
Like a meteor shower
In a blink of the eye
Feels like a mirage yet afraid to remember

I rather heartlessly hate you
I'm still searching for you in my memories

02 May 2009


where are you? :(