07 March 2009

a new 'thing' in Victoria.

It was 9pm when this actually happened.

Well, that was real close to what happened in most movies.

I was laying on the floor watching 'Gods of Honour' with my sister when I felt 'something' actually moved me.

This lasted for few seconds and I told my sis, "Wey, stop moving, can or not..."

"You were the one moving!" she said.

So we sort of arguing who were the one moving first as she claimed to witness my legs moving ( That I didn't even knew it).

I even jokingly told her that it must be earthquake if it wasn't her to move the whole place. We sort of argued bout this and I even placed a cup of water on the floor.

As I stood up, I checked my MSN and guess what???

It's a real EARTHQUAKE!!!

Adrian messaged me and he felt that awkward earthquake! I went to heraldsun.com.au and there were already a shocking news up there.

I opened my eyes so big that I started panicked and all sorts of illusions came to me. Then, both my sis and I started ringing friends and family to see if they're ok.

A relative of mine replied, " I didn't feel it. Could it be a plane just passed by?"

Anonymous: "Could it be Godzilla????"

Anonymous: Must be Indonesia! ( but this is no valid. Indo is soooooo far away...)

AunAun must've felt funny and bewildered that earthquake happens in Melbourne..

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