22 February 2009

to the witches..

it's just the beginning of the year and the feeling of anger has already built its territory in my heart.

you know, some people *may* ( i mean may..) want to try to help you, but it ends up hurting you even more. Are they really trying to help you by finding the truths?

I do not understand why!, but everything supposed to turn out great! and extremely great. It takes a long time to build trust and support, but it takes a word or a minute to turn trust into suspicious act.

You tried to be 'friendly' , but indeed you were just a witch who couldn't shut your mouth up. You brought up this whole disaster and you are leaving without cleaning all the mess. You were so jealous that you couldn't swallow every good food. WTF?

You were so helpful that you even dragged me to death.

Why do people became so talkative and did not use their brain when they talk?

the anger is still within me.. OucH!!

16 February 2009

i don't like this.

At the beginning of every semester, good students got tad anxious of having to create their best timetable. You know, especially when you have clash time, that was the beginning of anger and 'manchang-ness'.

Being a good student to myself *ahemm*, I woke up at 4am (equivalent to 7am Aust time) to create my timetable since it is scheduled to come out on internet at 6am. I guessed not many will wake up so early to create, right? In fact, I was soooo WRONG!.

Just an hour, most of the classes that I favor were full!! FULL!!!

I had no choice but to sit on the computer earrrrrly in the morning for 1 hour to arrange my timetable. End up, I was thrilled that it was done nicely!.

I went to my dreamland back.

When I woke up to check my timetable again, I was shocked to see that one of my lecture class has been canceled due to some server problem.

Gosh. Does that mean I need to wake up at 4am again tmr????


In the mean time, my Valentine photo. :)

I woke up in the morning..

.........and I know that I do not need to say more than me looking at the

gift...... :)

15 February 2009

Wah so long already!

Dear readers,

Wow! It has been almost 3 weeks since I last updated my blog. I must've been real busy! Weehee!!.

Just to simplify this blog, these are what I did for the past 3 weeks.

1. Bro got married on 7th of February 2009. That 1 week was full of excitement and everyone in the family got real nervous and stress as they needed to handle lots of stuffs. Oh, that includes, friends and families' punctuality at the wedding dinner. But of course, I was assigned tasks too. I had to create a Flashback video for both the bride and groom. It took lots of effort to do that, but guess what, it did not turn out really that well. I would actually point my finger to the fault of the wireman that day. I tested the video at least 4 times prior to the dinner and it went well. However, they did not play the video at the Right and Precise time.. Bad lighting too. Aih, what happens has already passed. Look ahead and I give my best hope and sincerity to both of them. I'm still waiting for the official photos to be sent to my house. Kindly wait,k.

2. Playing with the 2 Kids on weekdays. Went out on weekend. That's what I did almost everyday!. I was really glad that I managed to watch this 2 kids grow up. From baby to crawling and walking. OH yes, Aunaun runs too!!. It has been 8 months since I last saw him, and without realization, he was becoming more horny. If he forgot who his first kiss was, I would tell him in the future that, "It was either me, fern,ling or my mum". I meant mouth to mouth kiss k. Like wanna kiss u continuously... Yingz on the other hand, often attacked everyone with his iron head.
3. Everyday eat here and there.. So when u see me, I happen to turn out cute.. :) Do I need to explain more??