09 January 2009

Tiger has non-existent flight ?

Remember on November my sister and I booked 2 faulty one way tickets from to Canberra from Melbourne?

My sister sent me an article of this lady who had almost the same incident.

According to SMH, this woman booked on a non-existent flight with Tiger knowing that the flight did not exist when she went to the counter early in the morning.

How could an airline company have such error yet refuse to make a full refund to the lady? Now, the world is very realistic that people go to the press or blog about it once they encounter dissatisfaction.

I also mentioned in my previous post that not everyone checked their email and indeed, the lady felt the same way. Tiger or any other company should've text their customers the most efficient way.

True enough, this just waste the customers' time and money to get another flight.

I don't know if other airline company has the same problem, however this need to be addressed quickly.

Lessons to learn: Cheap things don't necessarily conclude well.

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