31 August 2008

fiesta malaysia

Guess who I met??

Inn Lynn, my neighbour and sister of my friend's boyfriend. And her friend. We're all Malaysians. JUst see how messy my hair is after being blown away by the ferocious wind from numerous directions.

fiesta malaysia- part I

I attempt to try to write my blog in Malay, but it just sounded ridiculous to me. Ah back to English. How about Hokkien?

31 August 1957 clearly state a memorable for Malaysians as that marked the moment Malaya was freed from British colonization. As decades past, less and less Malaysians celebrate Merdeka Day., especially the young generation, who have not been through hard times. I was one of them, not knowing how hard it was for Tunku Abdul Rahman to get the independence from British. HOWever, today, the 31 August 2008, I proudly go to the Federation Square, Melbourne to celebrate Merdeka Day. Don't believe me?

Alright. Actually main motive is to go and take photos. But still, being patriotic to attend the fiesta, no?Reached there around 12-ish with my sister after having our lunch. My pre assumption was that it will be kinda GRAND and will be full of people, especially Malaysians. However, it was proven wrong!. There weren't much people. Jeez, where are all the Malaysians?

Anyway, I happened to see this Ang Moh wearing samfoo.
And oh, someone married? NAhhh.. Just an action of this marriage event. (Perkahwinan)
One of the events. Silat. I never see this with my own eyes before. My first time. Can you believe it?? It came out to be really hilarious when they performed silat. Especially the adults. They were just so fake. On contrast, the kids were cute. The girl who attacked the guy who molested her. No. Just joking. :D

To be continued. Stay tune.

29 August 2008

I love babiesss.

Looking how busy my sister is. Haha.

I love babies so much! I miss my baby aun aun. I miss his cheeky, ugly smile and laughters. My sis showed me aun aun walking through webcam. OMG. he's exactly like a penguin. HohO. I just can't wait to go back and carry him, drive him go around Penang and shopping complex like Branda.
Feifei looking bewilderedly at the computer screen, wondering why is there a girl there.

Oh, another new fella join in the group. I name him Feifei, cos' he's really fat, as in for baby's size, he's fat and plump. but chubby. I wanna go back and start photo shooting session with them!!...

a night out at Meshiya Restaurant

tadaa. a picture of me to break the ice!!

Still remember that I told you dad and sis come to Melbourne? Well, the first day they were here, we went to Meshiya Japanese Restuarant at QV.

Well, the environment wasn't that bad, despite the space in the restaurant itself is rather limited. You can then imagine it isn't comfortable for a big size guy or girl.

As in the food quality, I reckon that Shuji Sushi at Flinders La taste better as in the same food that my sis ordered. Service quality wise was satisfactory, they give recommendations to customers who doesn't know which to choose, like me! :P

28 August 2008

Series of adventure

Ah, I felt like having heaps of stuffs to blog, but once I sat in front of the computer, it went empty. :S

I had the culture and business practices mid term test this morning. It was kinda, I mean, really obvious that there are students copying amongst friends and even whispered to each other. What the lecturer said was, "Guys, please don't talk. Be considerate of people who are doing for their exam". "OH, no talking only?" I thought to myself.

That means, we can COPY, but not TALK!!

Jeezzzzzz. that's way too cool.!

As I headed to another tute after my lunch at the Indonesia cafe, I heard loud voices from a group of people protesting. FYI. Protesting is such a normal show for everyone. Guess what's the theme this protest? It's a protest for alien's rights. They even had an alien mask. And they had four people carrying a guy, like how the whatever it is called slaves carrying their king and walk along the streets. SHown in the pic:

Just right in front of RMIT building.:P

Next, as I was waiting for my sister outside the business building after my tute, I sat on the steel bench. Lucky or not, you tell me. I often hear people saying."OH SHIT! when they encounter difficulties."

Now, it's time for me to say..

"OHHHHHHHHHHH.........Bird's S H I T T T ???????"

I din know what it was, until I looked up at the tree, and I saw a little bird there, shaking his uncleaned ass. Ok. a lil' bit dramatic.

I was puzzled!

Even that, I've to spend a dollar to clean his shit lo. Not fair..!!!!

Holiday has started.. Next assignments have started too..... -_-"

27 August 2008

Hickory dickory dock

Hickory dickory dock
The mouse ran up the clock
The clock struck one
The mouse ran down
Hickory dickory dock

Finally, I've handed up the group assignments. Felt relieve and looking towards to get good grades. What's more to go? Gotta sit for mid term for culture test tmr. Jeez. make it easy.!

26 August 2008

An empty room

In relation to my previous post on my marketing class, the reality that I see yesterday was:

from a big class to a very small class of lecture. I walked in, I looked from left to right. Only a number of people stayed. I looked at the lecturer, she seemed to be clueless looking at the number of missing students..

As a reward, we get exam tipssss..

People, better attend class.

soon, it becomes this..: leaving a cat there. :P


The second day dad and sis arrived. No. That's just some ordinary guy who stood there. The clouds were scary man.. Jeez..

where I've been..

mzteo's new blog has just reminded me that i own a blog. and i mean a new blog of mine. View the last post that I had. It was a month ago. Jeez. shall I then conclude here what I did a month ago? :)

1) Semester 2 commenced.
The year 2 sem 2 subjects proved to be harder. Duh.. And I've lots preparation to do in order to pass this exam and to; understand what International Political Economy is all about. To those who know me, I'm really clueless about what the world politics is about, nevertheless, I've no interest in knowing why there is dispute, boming here and there and etc. However, I'm playing with a big RIsk this sem. I've to know every single terms and the functions of numerous international body. Or else what is International Political Economy about? Sigh. Still a presentation and an essay to go for this subj.

2) Dad and sis came
Thanks to SIA for having the wonderful promotion of their tickets. Dad and sis bought their ticket during the promotion day and just guess how much they've saved? Around 1k each. that's alot!. The day dad and sis came, I had a bad day of having full class since 9.30am. Dad seemed to be overjoyed when he saw me. Like 100 years of not seeing me. Daddd... :) Just imagine how fast 2 weeks past..

3) Went to Lake Mountain 2 days after. Dad drove. Sis gave direction. the remaining three at the back of the seat looked for other sign. Such a tough job. ANyway, we made a success in driving up to Lake Mountain!! who can make this??????

4) Ballarat. Ah this tipu orang. I dig no gold but sand. The weather wasn't that wonderful as it rained and showered, making the sand and floor wet and muddy. I'll leave the rest for photos.

5) Assignments. Almost done.

6) culture and business practices in Asia's mid exam. Hope to get good grades for this. :)