09 May 2009

love finds you in memories

Me and you
How to compare in this lifetime?
Me and you
Almost together forever
The time and place we unexpectedly meet
Is like a drama
Doesn't know where to start

Love is too heavy
Not enough air to breathe in
Love is too beautiful
Lightly yet unable to carry it
When love arrived
It's just like a beautiful weather
When love is gone
It suddenly changed into blizzard rainstorm

If I could hate you
Painfully hate you with all my strength
Hiding and evading when we encounter
It's because wanting to let you go
But still missing you
Who is more miserable than I am
Fearing being reminded of the past
No matter how hard the arms are stretched
There is still distance between us

You are far away
How to say I'm sorry
You are very near
Yet suddenly left in split second
Maybe happiness is too brief
Like a meteor shower
In a blink of the eye
Feels like a mirage yet afraid to remember

I rather heartlessly hate you
I'm still searching for you in my memories


poan said...

did you wrote that yourself ?

g r a c e said...

oh. not this. this is a translation of a lyric. :)