08 June 2009

bili bala..

Stress week!

It's Queen's birthday today, but there's no holiday for me. :( I'm going to have my first exam paper on Wed: Global Marketing and Friday: Business Finance. I know they may sound easy for you, but that also indicate the difficulty to get a great mark! How poorr!!

Went to the library at 10.30. Had lunch at 12.00. Fire alarm rang at 3.00. Felt so tired and went back after that.

Went to Krispy Kreme to get milkshake in winter. 10 minutes later, weather started to change. It became so windy and followed by heavy rain. Took my umbrella out and so fortunate that I can utilise my umbrella. Cross the road and reach home. How convenient!

I'm on bed now. :(


*+* a d r i a n ~ m o h *+* said...

i didn't know krispy kreme got milkshake oso ! is that vanilla flavour? nice ...

Gracie said...

HAHAHAA!! got.

i ordered Banana flavour, but it taste like Vanilla. *confuse*

but even though it's vanilla, it tastes nice!. :D At least cheer my day.