15 March 2009

Keratosis Pilaris: A new info for you

For those of you who know me better, you realize that there are red bumps around my upper arms. Those red bumps have followed me for years, probably 6 years ago. I realize that those bumps were actually f*king irritating that I wished to burn those skin and God would let me grow a very nice and bump less skin.

Due to that, I couldn't really wear nice tops. Sigh. And that's really pathetic. So, last year, before I came back to Melbourne, I thought, " I should spend money and see the skin doctor"

For the first time, I went to Lim Skin Clinic and were charged for about RM130 and were given 3 bottles of cream and a soap. I used that for 1 month plus and I see no difference.

So, I gave another try and went to Tropika Clinic and were told this is Keratosis Pilaris (KP) and it's due to hormone. *But that doesn't mean I'm hormonal imbalance, alright?*

I was stunned when I was told that this could follow me till I reach the age 40s. WTF? I was also given Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizer to alleviate the stupid bumps. That cost me about RM80. Still not much effect. :(

I goggled myself and I found that many people actually got KP. Some even have it on buttocks and legs, and I got this on my upper arm. :(

Guess what I found?

KP Duty by Derma Doctor, a moisturizing theraphy for dry skin and exclusively for KP. I read the comments and were so ecstatic that,




GosH!!! And there's no shipment from US to Australia. HOWWW? HOWWW??

Someone please help me!!!!

How possible can I get that?


Bosscat said...

maybe you'll like to try using VPOST service?


Justin!! tIn!! tIn!! said...

ask some1 to buy from US and ship it to u??

I mean if u hav any contacts there

g r a c e said...

Yeh. Luckily I've a friend there coming back to Melbourne soon.

Hate this lo!.. Melbourne cacat dun have..

Justin!! tIn!! tIn!! said...


how to compare US, UK, Jp, Tw, Kr and Sg with other countries?

hope you get the thing u wan soon