26 June 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

May you rest in peace, Michael Jackson

10 June 2009

wow tadpoles can fly!

Just in case tadpoles catchers wonder where did all the tadpoles go?

Let me tell you, they were all transported to Japan, like..... few hours ago.

No, they did not fly nor exported to Japan.

See how cute those tadpoles are?

Regardless how cute they are, it is a signal of a disaster coming up to the world because.. It has been raining tadpoles in Japan town just as reported in the news!!! How is it possible that tadpoles are dropping from the sky?

It is possible, because tadpoles has already dropped from the sky in Japan town.

Erm.. let's say, is it possible then to drop some CASH to my balcony then? :D Or maybe drop... IPhones 3G here?


Well, at the other side of the world, Malaysia is facing El Nino, where The Star defined as a climatic condition where abnormal warming of the Pacific Ocean causes dry weather in South-East Asia and northern Australia.

No wonder people has been complaining how hot it is in Malaysia!

Is the world started to change? Or has it been changing already?

Together with the emergence of the pandemic swine flu, this world is already facing its RISK.

No wonder...... even my skin can sense the environmental changes..

*News from Yahoo! and The Star*

08 June 2009

bili bala..

Stress week!

It's Queen's birthday today, but there's no holiday for me. :( I'm going to have my first exam paper on Wed: Global Marketing and Friday: Business Finance. I know they may sound easy for you, but that also indicate the difficulty to get a great mark! How poorr!!

Went to the library at 10.30. Had lunch at 12.00. Fire alarm rang at 3.00. Felt so tired and went back after that.

Went to Krispy Kreme to get milkshake in winter. 10 minutes later, weather started to change. It became so windy and followed by heavy rain. Took my umbrella out and so fortunate that I can utilise my umbrella. Cross the road and reach home. How convenient!

I'm on bed now. :(

31 May 2009

Dream Again

I haven't seen my Baby in so long
But I can feel her in this song
I turn on the stereo,the groove is nice and slow
If only she was here to dance along

I write her letters every single day
There's only so much words can say
We'll be together soon
I'm dancin' in my room
Imagining you're not so far away

And I dream again
You're right by my side
You're back in my arms again
A feeling so sublime

So I dream again
Your beautiful smile
When we're dancin' cheek to cheek
Across a thousand miles (yeah)

My Baby hasn't seen me in so long
And she knows I'd never do her wrong
She turns on the stereo, the Stevie tunes I know
Wishing I was there to dance along

And she dreams again
I'm right by her side
I'm back in her arms again
A feeling so sublime

So she dreams again
of hearing the sound
of sweet nothings late at night
With no one else around yeah

And when the night is over
The loneliness is through
I know in my heart that you're my everything
I'll never love another
As long as I have you
So tell me that we can last forever

30 May 2009

[empty] : =(

I'm speechless about things that are imminent.

Whether it is good or bad,

It is really out of my control.

Now my life has been clearly sketched with ambiguity.

Shall I leave this all to God then?

It reminds me of how f*king "s hold" u ruined everything that makes how I am now.

Can't believe I am squatting down looking at the soil filled with worms now.

Xin Tiao

Has my heart stopped beating?

No, I think it is still beating for u.

23 May 2009

I am pondering,

Would you go for something that you know will get return?

Would you go for something that you know might not get return?

Would you go for something that might be worst than before?

Would you go for uncertainty?

I am left with nothing but ambiguity.

Can I ask for the answer?