31 January 2009

chinese new year 2009

Without realising it, it was another year to collect angpows from relatives and married couple. Gong hey fatt choy everyone! :D

Just another early in the morning, I woke up happily knowing that it is the best time of the year. It’s the time I received lot angpow..

Still, this year’s Chinese New Year is just another ordinary day. Woke up, wished parents/grandparents, shower, and dressed up, relatives came, received countless ang pows, lunch, family portrait, visiting another relatives, eat, visit, eat, visit, eat and eat…. Then sleep. Do these seem familiar to you?

Anyway, it has been our family culture to have vegetarian dishes on the first day of CNY. Mum woke up earlier than everyone to prepare for these meal. Thanks mum!

This is black fungus with glass noodles and mushroom. Hm.. I give this 3/5. Mum.. please put gravy...

Oh how I love this! This is the so called faked fish, and faked duck meat. This, I give 4/5.

Though this seem ordinary, this is the favorite of everyone in the house. Yummy! 5/5

Shall I leave the best thing for the last then? This is mum's number 1 vegetarian curry with potatoes and faked chicken. I'm still thinking of this curry now as I type now... :D

Oh did I forgot the rating?? 5/5 for this!

Aun Aun never forgets to visit us even on CNY!. It was 4 days since we last saw him and by the time we saw him, he seemed to have grown up in 4 days!

He changed his way of dressing. He wore the Pumpkin Patch shirt I bought and a 3/4 pants. That was way too cool. Guess what, he even waxed his hair. LMAO.

Guests like that spot to take pictures. Even AunAun and his sister wanted too. Aren't they lovely?

AunAun tried to dance with his sister. Jazz? Tango? Cha Cha ok ar??

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