22 February 2009

to the witches..

it's just the beginning of the year and the feeling of anger has already built its territory in my heart.

you know, some people *may* ( i mean may..) want to try to help you, but it ends up hurting you even more. Are they really trying to help you by finding the truths?

I do not understand why!, but everything supposed to turn out great! and extremely great. It takes a long time to build trust and support, but it takes a word or a minute to turn trust into suspicious act.

You tried to be 'friendly' , but indeed you were just a witch who couldn't shut your mouth up. You brought up this whole disaster and you are leaving without cleaning all the mess. You were so jealous that you couldn't swallow every good food. WTF?

You were so helpful that you even dragged me to death.

Why do people became so talkative and did not use their brain when they talk?

the anger is still within me.. OucH!!

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