14 March 2009

Another saturday

Hello, everyone!!

Isn't it good to see Gracious back on track--->blogging?

It's been exactly fourteen days since I came back here in Melbourne. The best thing is, the weather was good when I reached here. It was cooling like the day I left Melbourne. Sometimes, I felt that I did not even leave Melbourne back to Malaysia. 3 months holiday were gone just like that. *blinks* ahh I miss home now..

It's raining outside now and the whole city looks so gloomy now. I woke up at 9.15am and I thought, "Should I go and continue my dreamland now?"

Let's get back to reality now!

Well, facing the beginning of the semester is not really my cup of tea. Most time, I see new faces and I thought to myself, "That's when my friend from previous semester ends and new friends from this semester comes". I meant some friends, ok? A friend of mine told me that it's good to extend the friendship here, but in my perspective, I prefer little friends but with long term relationship. I don't want hi bye friend anyway.. Well, that's just my opinion. Why wanna care right?

I'm more than ecstatic that I'm having fun with friends I know this semester. At least, it's not the worst compared to what had happen to me in my first semester. You should know what happened if you are my close friends. *winks*

Well, my classes are pretty organized too. 4 days of classes. Phew.

But, It's also the month where everything are in doubts.

Talking about my co op, I'm clueless. What am I gonna do in that company? Will I find a job here? Which company I'm going to work with? When can I find the job? How much I'm going to get at least to keep my stomach full? After all, my main point is to get a job here. Whether low or high pay, that doesn't matter to me anymore.

I went to RMIT Career Fair few days ago and I came back with disappointments. I was told by the representatives that they only want PR.


Anybody wants to adopt me? Please.....? :O

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