21 May 2009

oh dear. it's him again

I met HIM again.

Yes, it's him..

No, It's not my Dream Guy.

It's the HUGE guy who freaked me out last month when I was in the lift. Remember? At least, it wasn't that scary now as I wasn't standing right in front of the lift. *oh at least I learnt the lesson. *winks*

Today, Kathy invited a guest speaker from Slim Secret to talk about marketing the products internationally and how Sharon, the guest speaker managed the whole process with help of Austrade.

Prior to that, I thought it was just the same old grandmother story. Man, I was wrong. I reckoned that she, the founder of Slim Secrets was a successful businesswoman, mother and a wife though. She managed everything by her own and with help of her children to stick the labels on the products. That was so cute and sweet! Just reminded me when I helped my mum cutting the almond breads for sale prior to Chinese New Year. *Yes, and how I got scolded coz I either cut it too thick or too thin, but I eventually cut according to what she wanted.* :P

Oh, I have also been told that people actually visit my blog! I thought there's no readers and that really demotivates me from updating my blog.

Stay tuned. :)

I guess I'm just throwing everything that I can think of.

Last Saturday, went to Suzy's 22nd birthday party. Happy 22nd Birthday, girl! Well, pictures tell the tales, should I go further?

Dinner at 'a japanese restaurant' at Lil Bourke St. Eh? I looked sleepy. -_-"

A group picture with Suzy's birthday cake. Don't 'play play' ah. People inside the pic are multicultural, u know? From West to East to North to South part of the world. :P

Just before dinner starts. The hole in the middle of the long table is where we BBQ meat there.

Noon activity. Guess what? KTV as usual. Please ignore my standing pose. Photo error-lah

Woot. Hello Everyone! Thank you for reading and have a sweet dream :)

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