24 April 2009

dear you,

Do you still remember how we started?

Nobody could have figured that out.

It was a total silent then,

And only voices of dinosaurs could be heard. ;)

You held my hand,

And you kissed the pain away.

It started with a kiss.

Which never came across in our mind.

All I can see is look into your eyes

And see myself.

We denied how much we cared for each other,

But nevertheless that is how we know the truth,

That we are meant to be together

Regardless of the hard times we had

Because we know that love has no limit.

wink, episode 2


Anonymous said...

both really nice poems. whoever the guy you're writing this to is either a total jerk to leave you or probably the luckiest one on earth. good luck to you.

g r a c e said...

HAHA. I know who you are! ngek ngek!! leaving whover doesn't mean he/ she is a jerk. its just incompatible, yeh? Or maybe that fella is a total jerk like what you said. haa