05 January 2009

Mamma Mia! for you!

just as it ended with a happy wedding. (:

I thought I should start with Mamma Mia! first.

On December 2008, I attended the renowned musical show Mamma Mia!. Indeed, it was my very first time attending such musical show apart from concerts I've been to such as Sally Yeh and Michael Wong.

Just to tell you all a secret, I got the ticket for a cheaper price from a friend who sold to me. I know thousands of people who did not have this opportunity are gonna kill me for this. But er... sorry, first come, first serve, alright? *winks*

So, I reached there 30 minutes before the stage play and were truly mesmerized upon entering. I felt like a Datin. OMG!. Ok i'm just kidding. Just because the interior of Istana Budaya looked somehow very grand (not indeed), I felt as if I went there to receive award or to some Grand Ballroom.

But of course, the stage wasn't as big as I expected to be. This is my view from my seat. Not bad though.

The stage was fully utilized by them. Decorated with a simple backdrop and fascinating lights, music of Mamma Mia! came to you in reality. The sound system was amazing that I even wanted to sing along the song. Whee.. Wait, it could be an orchestra playing from another side of the stage though, cos' it was simply fabulous!

"I have a dream, a song to sing..." and the show started.

It was my biggest honor to attend that musical show. I think I've already fallen in love with live musical show. And the guys were real cute, kawaii, chubby... ewww... This picture could be my best shot. And then, a red laser light were seen pointing at me. :(

The actor and actresses were really professional. There were error free, even if it did; it was invisible to me though. It was really enjoyable, honestly! No wonder the tickets were sold out!

Ps: I risk myself in taking the pictures lo.. So don't tell me the pictures were suck. Though not perfect, I was happy indeed. Just guessed how many red lasers light I get-loh. -_-" . I was enjoying the show more than I took pictures. =)


Adrian said...

damnnnnNNN!!! u went to Mamma Mia musical!! Holly. It's my dream to go see it in KL but the tix was too expensive. Lucky you. Din give me "kang tao" of cheap tix. goshhh... frens. ahahha. I watched the DVD almost 5 times though. It was da best. My fav musical show so far. lucky u..

g r a c e said...

Hahaha!!! Yah. One of my best moment in life! Apparently the cheapest tickets already sold out. So i'm really lucky to have a cheaper rate at a better view. :P But there were few empty seats there. Wonder if someone failed to attend? Haha.