31 January 2009

chinese new year 2009

Without realising it, it was another year to collect angpows from relatives and married couple. Gong hey fatt choy everyone! :D

Just another early in the morning, I woke up happily knowing that it is the best time of the year. It’s the time I received lot angpow..

Still, this year’s Chinese New Year is just another ordinary day. Woke up, wished parents/grandparents, shower, and dressed up, relatives came, received countless ang pows, lunch, family portrait, visiting another relatives, eat, visit, eat, visit, eat and eat…. Then sleep. Do these seem familiar to you?

Anyway, it has been our family culture to have vegetarian dishes on the first day of CNY. Mum woke up earlier than everyone to prepare for these meal. Thanks mum!

This is black fungus with glass noodles and mushroom. Hm.. I give this 3/5. Mum.. please put gravy...

Oh how I love this! This is the so called faked fish, and faked duck meat. This, I give 4/5.

Though this seem ordinary, this is the favorite of everyone in the house. Yummy! 5/5

Shall I leave the best thing for the last then? This is mum's number 1 vegetarian curry with potatoes and faked chicken. I'm still thinking of this curry now as I type now... :D

Oh did I forgot the rating?? 5/5 for this!

Aun Aun never forgets to visit us even on CNY!. It was 4 days since we last saw him and by the time we saw him, he seemed to have grown up in 4 days!

He changed his way of dressing. He wore the Pumpkin Patch shirt I bought and a 3/4 pants. That was way too cool. Guess what, he even waxed his hair. LMAO.

Guests like that spot to take pictures. Even AunAun and his sister wanted too. Aren't they lovely?

AunAun tried to dance with his sister. Jazz? Tango? Cha Cha ok ar??

26 January 2009


Gong Hei Fatt Choy, everyone!

As We MooOooVe FrOm 2008tO 2009..MaY You HavE No WorriEsAnD MoRe FuN..DuN Let StReSS TriP You OvErAnD SpEnD MoRe TiMe WitH FaMiLyAnD FriEnDs..

HaVe A GreaT Chinese Niu YeaR

and.. hope that there will not be many cows crossing the road during peak season..

09 January 2009

Tiger has non-existent flight ?

Remember on November my sister and I booked 2 faulty one way tickets from to Canberra from Melbourne?

My sister sent me an article of this lady who had almost the same incident.

According to SMH, this woman booked on a non-existent flight with Tiger knowing that the flight did not exist when she went to the counter early in the morning.

How could an airline company have such error yet refuse to make a full refund to the lady? Now, the world is very realistic that people go to the press or blog about it once they encounter dissatisfaction.

I also mentioned in my previous post that not everyone checked their email and indeed, the lady felt the same way. Tiger or any other company should've text their customers the most efficient way.

True enough, this just waste the customers' time and money to get another flight.

I don't know if other airline company has the same problem, however this need to be addressed quickly.

Lessons to learn: Cheap things don't necessarily conclude well.

07 January 2009

Red by Marc Ecko

Please please,

If anyone knows where I can get this shoe, please tell me. I'm dying to get that sneaker. It's called Red by Marc Ecko endorsed by Vanessa Hudgens.

I went to KL a year ago and a year later and I was told it is not marketed in Malaysia yet. WTH right?

So, please please, if it's in Melbourne or KL... do do do TELL ME, k??

06 January 2009

he says hie to u

please, may i present you, the imitation of...............

edward cullen!!

That's how he looked like after he had his shower..... with whitey face.

05 January 2009

Mamma Mia! for you!

just as it ended with a happy wedding. (:

I thought I should start with Mamma Mia! first.

On December 2008, I attended the renowned musical show Mamma Mia!. Indeed, it was my very first time attending such musical show apart from concerts I've been to such as Sally Yeh and Michael Wong.

Just to tell you all a secret, I got the ticket for a cheaper price from a friend who sold to me. I know thousands of people who did not have this opportunity are gonna kill me for this. But er... sorry, first come, first serve, alright? *winks*

So, I reached there 30 minutes before the stage play and were truly mesmerized upon entering. I felt like a Datin. OMG!. Ok i'm just kidding. Just because the interior of Istana Budaya looked somehow very grand (not indeed), I felt as if I went there to receive award or to some Grand Ballroom.

But of course, the stage wasn't as big as I expected to be. This is my view from my seat. Not bad though.

The stage was fully utilized by them. Decorated with a simple backdrop and fascinating lights, music of Mamma Mia! came to you in reality. The sound system was amazing that I even wanted to sing along the song. Whee.. Wait, it could be an orchestra playing from another side of the stage though, cos' it was simply fabulous!

"I have a dream, a song to sing..." and the show started.

It was my biggest honor to attend that musical show. I think I've already fallen in love with live musical show. And the guys were real cute, kawaii, chubby... ewww... This picture could be my best shot. And then, a red laser light were seen pointing at me. :(

The actor and actresses were really professional. There were error free, even if it did; it was invisible to me though. It was really enjoyable, honestly! No wonder the tickets were sold out!

Ps: I risk myself in taking the pictures lo.. So don't tell me the pictures were suck. Though not perfect, I was happy indeed. Just guessed how many red lasers light I get-loh. -_-" . I was enjoying the show more than I took pictures. =)

02 January 2009

There I go.

Ops, I was so busy to update my blog! 2 kids to play with, too many letters for me to type, friends to go out with and many more.

So, as mentioned in the previous post, I went to Kampar, one of the town area in Perak.

There goes my first time experience. *Sounds like losing virginity* >.<

Just few days ago, my brother, the wife and the big family, mum, sis and I went to Kampar at Perak. Like many other people think, " What Perak has? Why the hell did you go to Perak??"

Yes, that's exactly what I thought initially.

It's exactly Christmas Day that day.

I was truly stunned and amazed that my sis in law's mum had prepared so well that she did a trip itenary from Day 1 to Day 3 for all of us! So well organised!

Upon arriving at Kampar, we were treated to a famous seafood restaurant at Tj Tualang. We had the big tiger prawn steamed with Brand's and I had countless appetizing prawn.. Yummm..

You see, I was so busy eating that I forgot to take pictures of it. HeeHee..

That was the time that my mum and I were so busy doing food shopping; the famous biscuits and Sak Keh Mah.

Before we checked in at hotel, we headed straight to Gua Tempurung (Tempurung Cave) to experience water rafting.

I was one of them who were so anxious for this water game as I am a bad swimmer. To be precise, I don’t know how to swim.

“That’s too dangerous for me”, I thought.

Once I stepped into the boat, I felt myself so challenging!

5 of us were inside the boat and I reckon we really burnt a lot of calories!

Water rafting is sooooo nice that I want to upgrade myself to Grade 4 and 5.

Guess what, the hotel that we stayed in is so cheap. A 4person bed's deluxe room and it only cost 200RM plus. It's also the one and only in Kampar.

The very next day, we went for Hot Spring. Not exactly hot spring, but this is really interesting. The water flow from the waterfall were cold, however, as you put your leg inside the sand, you felt heat and it was really burning as if you got electric shock. This is due to some earth theories I don’t know. LOl. Yes, that’s my first time again besides water rafting and eating so many prawns.

Everyone had fun including bro who got so obsessed by going in the middle of the river to shoot a portrait picture of my sister.

me, mummy and sis self shot

see?? the water is so hot that you can even boil eggs.

Before we headed back home, we went to the pomelo farm, passing by Tanjung Rambutan. It was also the first time I visited the biggest pomelo farm at Tambum. Even the god of food from Hong Kong visited this place. For pomelo lovers, you have to come here!

Pomelo lovers...

Mum was really overwhelmed.

And not forgotten me holding up two pomelos…

Perhaps, I shall upload more pictures in the next few entries.

Shit, I've so many things to blog. My Mamma Mia stageplay, New Year and many more.. Sigh.