22 March 2009

let's talk about hair

Hey everyone!

I've something up for you guys. Actually not from me, but from New Idea, Australia. :D

I reckon a lot of your friends or relatives actually washed their hair EVERY DAY or TWICE A DAY, which is in the morning and at night. Worst still, you were told that you are not hygienic for not washing hair every day. Sounds familiar?

Well, I browsed the internet once I woke up and saw this little column of hair beauty myths! I love myths..! Just kidding.

Ok. So the first point that were mentioned is Washing your hair every day.

Actually hor, there's no need to wash your hair everyday as you will end up striping away its natural oil. I love my hair the very next day I washed and I don't end up washing it every day. Maybe 2 days once will do? Because I'm using Redken dandruff shampoo, it clears my oily scalp and by washing my hair every 2 days, my scalp oil grows and I felt more moistured the next day-loh.

Second point: Blow-drying soaking wet hair

I blow my hair once I washed my hair and due to my lack of knowledge of hair then, I had tremendous scary hair loss. Since then, I was introduced to use Redken anti thinning shampoo and it works! Really. It was worth to buy if you love your hair. So, before you blow your hair, assure that it's towel dried to about 80% and then blowed it and scrunch dry hair with your hand rather than using a brush. I love using hand to style my hair too. That's like innate comb!

There's actually another 2 points. And I have to cite the site, betul?
Source from: http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/b/newidea/22776/hair-and-now/

ps: Just in case you wonder if I'm using Redken products, the answer is YES! I love Redken and I have 4 of its products which is Dandruff shampoo, for thinning hair shampoo, volume12 ultra straight balm and volume 1 smoothing serum. Among all, volume 12 is my favourite top 1. Tame my bloody frizzy hair. :D

So, how often do you guys washed your hair? Do comment and share about it!


Justin!! tIn!! tIn!! said...

u r right
but i jus can't stand it whn my hair gets too oily ..
so mos of the time still once a day
but sometimes try to make it once every 2 days

wa u really r a great supporter of Redken
but it ain't cheap though

btw i realised there seems to be an error somewhere las 2 paragraph where u say u like to "style my hand with my hand" or something like tat

Take care sis
Keep in touch

g r a c e said...

Hey tintin!!

if it's really oily better wash before it gets 'pimple' on scalp. Haha..

Noted the error. :P

Yeh i tried using other cheaper shampoo as mixed too. But Redken is really good for my hair. They like Redken. LOL.

Justin!! tIn!! tIn!! said...

good thn

Is called return on Investment (ROI)