31 May 2009

Dream Again

I haven't seen my Baby in so long
But I can feel her in this song
I turn on the stereo,the groove is nice and slow
If only she was here to dance along

I write her letters every single day
There's only so much words can say
We'll be together soon
I'm dancin' in my room
Imagining you're not so far away

And I dream again
You're right by my side
You're back in my arms again
A feeling so sublime

So I dream again
Your beautiful smile
When we're dancin' cheek to cheek
Across a thousand miles (yeah)

My Baby hasn't seen me in so long
And she knows I'd never do her wrong
She turns on the stereo, the Stevie tunes I know
Wishing I was there to dance along

And she dreams again
I'm right by her side
I'm back in her arms again
A feeling so sublime

So she dreams again
of hearing the sound
of sweet nothings late at night
With no one else around yeah

And when the night is over
The loneliness is through
I know in my heart that you're my everything
I'll never love another
As long as I have you
So tell me that we can last forever

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