25 November 2008

an experience with Tiger Airways

This will be the first and last time I patronize this service.

“TIGER airways.”

For those who had a great experience with tiger airways, I’m sorry to say that this post might be contradicting with your post experience.

A newbie like me who patronize Tiger Airways due to its cheap fare was ultimately disappointed. Some may say “You get what you pay for”. I got cheap fare and I got the cheapest service ever.

2 Months ago, my sister and I paid for 2 tickets to Canberra departing at 7.05am. I even got myself early as 5am to prepare myself for this so-called ‘astonishing’ trip. As far as I reached Melbourne Airport, I was asked to go outside the external pathway to check in for Tigers as it is not situated inside the airport.

Upon reaching, I saw few counters with Gold Coast and another ‘forgotten’ place. As my stated destination is Canberra, I queued up at an unstated destination.

That minute was the most baffling sentence I had on that day.

“Madam, your flight is to go to Canberra?”

“Yes, sure”

“It’s at 3.15”


“Gate 3.15?” looking bewildered.

“Your flight is scheduled to 3.15pm”

Both my sister and I were taken aback. Hey, we won’t wait hopelessly sitting at the airport for 6 hours just to wait for that flight which was re-scheduled. We were even told that they have sent us email to inform this.

“HEY!.. Do you have any sense of informing your customers? Do you think that everyone is so free to check their email every day? Can’t you think of other modes of transmitting messages the most efficient and EFFECTIVE way???”

We do admit partly was our fault for not checking email, but Tiger Airways can’t expect the customers to check their email every day.

My sister had an appointment with the Hi Comm to renew her passport and thus, we dashed to Virgin Blue. We had no choice but to buy a flight ticket immediately from Virgin Blue. A 30 over aud flight to 270aud. That sounded so exciting, wasn’t it? 9 times of fare that we’ve to pay blindly!

Thank God Virgin Blue gives a good experience to its customers.

Although Tiger Airways promised to refund the money to us, I’m sorry to say that the bad experience has already become a No-No to me.

Lessons to be learned: Don’t patronize too cheap air fares.

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