14 April 2009

what is (a) to (j) ??

Happy Easter everyone!

I've been dissapearing for a week and a week passed JUST LIKE THAT! Imagine how fast!

Nevertheless, I've been good and utilize my time well enough so that "REGRET" doesn't appear in front of me. Still, 1 week is not enough for me. :(

I talked with mum few days ago and she claimed that time was running fast too in Malaysia! So, I guess the earth is really spinning faster then? 0.O?

anyway, I went to Puffing Billy, Yarra Valley and Healesville Sanctuary just few days ago!

Pictures will be uploaded soon. Too many pictures to resize. How tiring!


My assignments and homeworks are starting to get pilled up! Someone please help me to alleviate the burden. I'm just too scared to think of Commercial Law, Biz Finance, Glo. Marketing and Products Innovation Management. And I can't wait to finish all the assignments too!!!! Sony and Krispy Kreme and Sony, please do motivate me. :)

In mean time, I know I will be heck busy like bees cos:

a) Attending Developing Leader's Day
b) Global Marketing test
c) State Conference
d) Law Test
e) PIM assignment DUE
f) Global marketing assignment DUE
g) PIM test
h) finance test
i) Law cases summaries and flowchart
j) Co op

Someone tell me to cool down please..


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