25 November 2008

an experience with Tiger Airways

This will be the first and last time I patronize this service.

“TIGER airways.”

For those who had a great experience with tiger airways, I’m sorry to say that this post might be contradicting with your post experience.

A newbie like me who patronize Tiger Airways due to its cheap fare was ultimately disappointed. Some may say “You get what you pay for”. I got cheap fare and I got the cheapest service ever.

2 Months ago, my sister and I paid for 2 tickets to Canberra departing at 7.05am. I even got myself early as 5am to prepare myself for this so-called ‘astonishing’ trip. As far as I reached Melbourne Airport, I was asked to go outside the external pathway to check in for Tigers as it is not situated inside the airport.

Upon reaching, I saw few counters with Gold Coast and another ‘forgotten’ place. As my stated destination is Canberra, I queued up at an unstated destination.

That minute was the most baffling sentence I had on that day.

“Madam, your flight is to go to Canberra?”

“Yes, sure”

“It’s at 3.15”


“Gate 3.15?” looking bewildered.

“Your flight is scheduled to 3.15pm”

Both my sister and I were taken aback. Hey, we won’t wait hopelessly sitting at the airport for 6 hours just to wait for that flight which was re-scheduled. We were even told that they have sent us email to inform this.

“HEY!.. Do you have any sense of informing your customers? Do you think that everyone is so free to check their email every day? Can’t you think of other modes of transmitting messages the most efficient and EFFECTIVE way???”

We do admit partly was our fault for not checking email, but Tiger Airways can’t expect the customers to check their email every day.

My sister had an appointment with the Hi Comm to renew her passport and thus, we dashed to Virgin Blue. We had no choice but to buy a flight ticket immediately from Virgin Blue. A 30 over aud flight to 270aud. That sounded so exciting, wasn’t it? 9 times of fare that we’ve to pay blindly!

Thank God Virgin Blue gives a good experience to its customers.

Although Tiger Airways promised to refund the money to us, I’m sorry to say that the bad experience has already become a No-No to me.

Lessons to be learned: Don’t patronize too cheap air fares.

24 November 2008

i'm back!

Woo. I came back home with a sense of half conscious and half dreaming.

Having planned for several vacations before my exams, things did not seem to flow smoothly in reality. Indeed, it was all very impromptu. After all, I did not dare to plan. I prefer things to go just naturally as it is. I had been out with friends for that 1 whole week, and I barely had enough sleep.

I thought having midnight flight at 1am will be a great experience. But this proves me wrong. WroNg. I was barely falling asleep. I thought I was too excited to meet everyone in Penang.

As soon as I arrived, I was doubtful if my luggage and the box of food arrive on time. Call me sillygirl!

Just as I passed by the main gate, I saw mum, sis and the 2 kids there. I was so ecstatic that I started to have teary eyes.

Counting the days I arrived back home, I’ve already had so much food in my tummy. :D

I can’t even wait for more events to come to me!!

Friends, if you read this, please date me out… Gracie is missing you guys so much! >.<

13 November 2008

twinkle twinkle

Twinkle twinkle little star,

How I wonder what you are?

At that moment of time, I wished, that you'll dropped down to my hand,

So that I can look at you when the world ignores me.

You're the answer to my prayer,

Because the angels brought me here.

12 November 2008

who's day is it?


it's someone's birthday today!.

happy birthday FERNIE, my little sister. Oh.. you ain't little anymore. You're older one year. mature one year. prettier one level. smarter tripple level.

i know you are waiting anxiously for your present!. Steady, girl!!

11 November 2008

exam's over!

*stretching arms*

and finally, gracious has finished her stony 4 papers in 5 days. How does that sound like to you? If I were to sit for these exams in college, that shouldn’t be a problem for me. In addition, everyone in my class took 4 papers in 5 days back then. Things aren’t the same anymore here.

I no longer can study 2 or 3 days prior to the exam. Sometimes, that makes me ponder the good results I got last time. In university now, I wouldn’t dare to take the risk to study 2 or 3 days prior to the exam. It’s just as if you put a bomb timer in your body. You never know when it will blast.

Speaking bout’ the most challenging I sat so far, having 2 papers a day may not be a problem for you. What do you reckon when you are having 2 papers a day, and not allowed to sit for the exam in the same venue like your friends? To add this, mobile phone is not allowed throughout the exams until you’ve finished the bloody 2 papers. In fact, the days are hard without phone by your side. Is this the drawback of technology?

Yes, exactly, I experienced that yesterday. Frankly speaking, the situation isn’t that bad as I expected, except that I’ve no mobile phone with me. There were only lucky 5 of us, 4 from engineering faculty and me, being the only one from business faculty. The ambience was less intense as you only see 4 people in the room, as compared with seeing hundreds of students sitting there. Man, they even got us coffee, if we want, with free of charge. Isn’t that wonderful? They’ve tight security, with no one from the side trying to copy you. J

Anyway, it’s all over now. I’m glad I finished all papers..

Melbourne zoo. Here I come. Vroom….