21 October 2008

what's for food??

Ouch.. Gracious has so many things to blog about, yet she doesn't know where to begin with. Shall I begin with… food?

Oh yes, she’s famished for midnight supper now, despite having a very Malaysian Satay for dinner.

Nop, I’m not kidding. There’s really satay here in Melbourne. And *clears throat* I meant DIY satay. Of course, having lack of the authentic proper ingredients, the outcome was just as excellent as you expect, and i'm sure it will not let you down!. It was just as great as you would ask for more!

Yeo’s is such a good company. It caters its customers’ needs and wants especially those living abroad. To add value, the taste of the satay sauce is almost as original as those you would taste at the hawker centre at Penang, except that Yeo’s satay sauce need to add more peanuts to it. I did not know the existence of the satay sauce until I received that for free at the Singapore Day. I was so lucky I grabbed that!. Hehe. Say me kiasu or what. LOL

the customized satay

I’m really looking forward to arrange a BBQ so that I can try to marinade the satay. Muahaha!!!

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