23 October 2008

going solo?

Let me share something useful for my fellow readers, especially GIRLS.

And yes I mean you. You. YOU.

Jo Lamble - Going solo

Oct 22 11:13am

Whether you're single or your partner's unavailable, going to a wedding or party alone can be very daunting. Here's how to get through the event without feeling awkward:

■ Keep the anticipation in check

Worrying too far in advance won't help. Remember, the anticipation of something scary is usually worse than the event itself.

■ Warn the hosts beforehand

If the hosts know you'll be on your own, they can make an effort to help you feel comfortable by introducing you to the other guests.

■ Wear something that makes you feel really good

Now's not the time to test out a new style. Bring out the trusty little black dress or the outfit that always pulls the compliments.

■ Plan topics of conversation

When we're feeling nervous, small talk can be difficult. So, on your way to the party, think of a few interesting stories you could tell and a couple of good questions to ask other guests.

■ Consider your arrival time

The idea is to not draw too much attention to yourself. If it's a large gathering, arriving half an hour late should ensure the party's well under way. If it's a dinner party, don't be more than 10 minutes late or you'll certainly be noticed.

■ Limit your alcohol intake

A glass or two of champagne can help to ease your nerves, but four or five glasses can be a disaster when combined with anxiety.

■ Help the hosts

A really good way to circulate without feeling conspicuous is to take around a tray of food or offer to top up glasses. You can introduce yourself as you mingle, but you don't have to linger in any one conversation. Make a mental note of the people you found easy to chat to as you move around so you can come back to them.

■ Take some photos

At weddings or large parties, an easy way to take the pressure off meeting people is to take heaps of photos. Once again, you can strike up conversations as you go. The hosts will also be grateful when they see the results.

■ Take a breather in the bathroom

Whenever you need a break, excuse yourself and spend five minutes in the bathroom reapplying your make-up or brushing your hair. You'll exit feeling refreshed and ready to begin again.

■ Focus on the positives

If you're single, tonight might be the night you meet the man or woman of your dreams - or at least the person who might introduce you to him or her. If your partner is unavailable for the night, going alone gives you the freedom to talk to who you want, stay as long as you want and, most importantly, leave when you're ready to.

Source: http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/b/newidea/18466/jo-lamblegoing-solo

And I reckon this article is specially targeting for girls who are going to a party or wedding dinner ALONE.

This actually gets me back to the reminiscence of Cheryl’s birthday, a new friend I had in the first semester here. It wasn’t that terrible in my case as I had Elisabeth to accompany me. But, that isn’t the point. I cannot expect her to stick with me at all times. In order to take the initiative, I started on a conversation with few friends whom I was introduced to and we talked about our country of origin and the holiday spots at our homeland. The conversation went on and we kept in touch since then.

I believed starting a simple topic makes the conversation to flow easily.

And. Remember your confidence, girls.

This is a simple advice from me : Do not isolate yourself and wait for people to approach you.

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