08 October 2008

chocolate chip cookies

Back in Penang, I have always afraid to eat chocolate in a continuous days. There are reasons to it. First, zits. Second, sorethroat. Third, body heaty which lead to fever and cough. Fourth, fatty.

However, since I came to Melbourne, everything changed. Just like how the exchange rate of Australia fluctuates over the past few days.

Ever since I came here for the past 8 months, chocolate and cheese have been my number 1 priority. Open the fridge, and you see cheese and choco. If I were in Penang, you don't see cheese in my fridge as the moment I eat them, I'll put on weight the very next day.

During the first semester I studied here, I was kinda depressed due to the annoyed people that I met and that I really hate, her. As the saying goes, God will open the door for me, yes I met 2 great friends. That's when my choco journey started.

*Feeling hungry when doing assignment halfway? Thinking what information that you've left out? Worry?* Think no more than to eat a piece of chocolate chips, as this was heavily influenced by Elisabeth, presenting me with chocolate chips bought by her sis when we were halfway doing assignment last sem.

It was until the past 2 weeks that I passed by Aldi and I bought 2 choco chips. I eat that almost everyday. That applies the same to my sis too. Then, I recalled, the thing I love most is chocolate chips from Aldi.


my chocolate chip cookies!!!!! and its friends.

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