13 October 2008

gracious birthday dinner

Many of my friends were asking me to blog about my 21st birthday dinner. There it goes, For you guys! (:

From 8 people that I invited, excluding myself and my sis, the number increases to 13 people that I invited. Hence, from Cookie bar, I moved the venue to ChoGao, which seems to be more spacious for everyone.

The few nights before, I was nervous. Duhh. "How am I suppose to do this?" I asked myself.

My sister aka my manager suggested of doing a 'thank you' mini bag for my friends. 2 days before the big day, I went to shops and buy the stuffs. Failing to look for the mini card that we wanted, I've to handmade the card by my own. Cutting each of the cards, photo shop the front cover and typing the message, glueing each of the messages to the card. I even put 2 of Ferrero Rocher to each of the bag.

Now.. the big day comes.

My sister and I arrived there 10 minutes before the stated time. Then, YinYing called me saying she saw no one. :O ?

I arrived at the destination and I was wished.

Though my friends arrived a tad late, I was glad and happy that everyone came.

Cheryl and Elisabeth came with a bouquet of flowers. Wheee. That was sooo sweet.. It was like so RAREEEEE that I received flowers.


Soon, MeeYing, Arvy,Hans,JunHao, Jaci, Jeannie,Jin,Lynn and BF, Dani arrived.

I don't need to elaborate more of what happened, do I ?

Oh. I love every pressie that everyone gave me.

Thanks everyone who wished me, hugged me, kissed me ? Haha.

I'll just let the pictures do the talking.. alright?

ps: Also, I would like to apologize to my friends for hardly serving you guys..:) You know how bad the chairs were arranged.

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