05 October 2008

birthday wish lists


Birthday is around the corner.

it has been a culture that everyone writes their wish lists on their blog prior to their birthday. I wasn't able to blog about this few days ago as I was busy and lazy. Busy and lazy. Sounds consistent huh? *winks*

Honestly, I'm feeling tad sad of not celebrating with my family and my college friends, especially the JIG! However,I was really ecstatic too, as I received my first birthday card from Irene a week before the real day.So sweet. *hugs jie*

I'm still thinking what my wish lists would be.

*10 minutes later with deeep thinking..*

I want my 8 megapixel cameraphone

Macro lens 1:1

A free 1 week ticket to Singapore/Thai/HongKong/Bali

Be humble bit:

Leading a successful and happy life

Hoping to ease the financial crisis. I need a job, OK!?

Making everyone around me to be h a p p y!!


And I'm sure only 80% of my wish lists will come true. :O

1 comment:

Justin!! tIn!! tIn!! said...

so many wishes ar??

Should save some for Christmas

Wish you Happy Birthday in advance