05 October 2008

Singapore Day Melbourne

*warning: this entry contains bit of broken english. If you can't stand proper english, please don't read*

Never had I imagined that Singaporean government is so generous that they spent almost 3million dollar in the set-up and almost everything to make Singapore Day in Melbourne a success. On 4th of October, the Singapore Day was held at the Sidney Myer Bowl. I thought it wouldn't be a big event until I really saw with my own eyes.

It has also been a Singaporean culture that

1. They tend to 'love' queuing. For those who have seen a show on Singaporean lifestyle, sometimes they don't even know what they are queuing for. What they said was " I also don't know Q what. I see got free gift-ah. So i queue lo". On this Singapore Day, I Q with them. And I mean a long Q. For your info, there were 15,000 who attended the event. Actually it's 15,000 who registered. Plus those who were lazy to register but appear on that day, it should be around 16,000! Gosh, how many came for Merdeka Day at Federation Square? Singapore government so good-neh..My aunt told me, Singaporean always queue-wan.

2. Got-what-take-what. This is because hor, it is a fact. That's why-loh. they prepared so many free gifts to everyone. Oi. each goodie bag has many free stuffs and a packet of the yeo's drink-wor. 15,000 goodie bag will be around $16,000. Yeo's so good, you see. Then almost each stall has free gifts lo. Everyone also don't care. Got what they take what. Got kaya jem and nasi goreng paste somemore. And it's not restrited how many you can take. Gosh.! If I were a typical Asian, I would bring my trolley to sapu the freegifts. I remember that I see a girl so happy that there is a kaya inside her 2nd goodie bag. Like.."Wah!1 got kaya lehh"

3. Still OK to queue.
There were 4 stalls I think. Each stall consist of 4 to 5 lines, different dish. That means, it should be around 20 stalls. They are so OK to queue for 30 to 60 minutes to get the food. Wah-lau... How ahh? So gai, man! Anyway, my sis also Q for 45 minutes to get chicken rice and chicken wing. While I, were sitting to watch PCK private limited and his family to rock melboUrne!!!!!!

what else culture singaporean have? do update me :)

I was really impressed with the event. Salute to the event organizer. PCK and family, tay pinghui and lots more artiste were exported to melbourne to perform. Wheee.e

I'm not suan-siao ing them, but it's fun to be a Singaporean for One day! If you think this is a bad idea of writing it, let me know. My apology to you. :)

I told my sis that, when I was in Penang, when i see long queue, I just go back and come another day.

I'll update the blog with heaps of pictures.!


Justin!! tIn!! tIn!! said...

so nice
got pixs bo?

haiz hopefully I can attend the event too
Looks like Melb life is quite exciting huh

g r a c e said...

Got.. gonna upload soon. hehee.

Melbourne has lots events I feel