22 September 2008

Why ah ??

Why is the weather in Melbourne has been always uncertain? A minute you see the blue sky up there, you get dressed up, ready to rock the city. And then, once you get out from the house, the sky turn gloomy and rain. A while more, it stops and the sky turn blue again. Then, out of sudden, it showers, followed by strong wind, that it blows ur hair.Your hair become messy, and that's when you thought, "I think I should just stay at home.."

Jeez. this is me. this is Melbourne.

I've just finished my IPE essay, but I just felt I should've done better. Tintin told me that his productivity decrease but the kiasu-nesss increase. I think that applies same towards me. Whatever I've done, I think that's just now enough. Till then, I was strucked with regrets.

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