02 September 2008

fiesta malaysia -part III

Next, was a performance by Laura Wong. Unexpectedly, she sang beautifully, like butterflies.
COlourful peranakan baju kebaya. The first lady was really enthusiastic when she sang Rasa Sayang and other songs. Oh yes, the backstage DJ was laughing when they sang. I reckoned he must be thinking.. " My Lord, what on earth is this song? So ridiculous!" He laughed uncontrollably, till he went behind the stage to hide. So bad, hor ?

Ladies and gentlemen of the Baba and Nyoya.
Don't underestimate them. They played live, can you?
Hmm. this pretty girl is Melissa Seow from Melbourne Uni, singing Fly Away from Fish Leong and Bukan Cinta Biasa from Datuk Siti Nurhaliza. Her voice not bad,k. She can consider to join the Malaysian Idol next year. A friend of mine told me that she just memorize the pinyin lyrics, just like me. But she was real good. :)

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