08 September 2008

Lil baby's new companion.

I was more than ecstatic when it was proven that I bought the right filters for my little baby alpha. To add value to the filters that I had now, I was given a really great price of the filters. 3 filters for a mere RM100, that's like 30aud for 3 fillers ranging from +1,+2 and +4 where these 3 can be screwed together to produce +7. Not to be forgotten, +10 is with me too. Just imagine how wonderful that would be for a kiam siap avid photographer like me! No, not exactly. The Hoya Filters are actually highly recommended for people who want to start macro like me. Whee.. Prior to having the Hoya Filter, I almost got the Raynox DCR250, however was recommended my Michael's staff that it would not be suitable for my little baby. Too bad... >.<

I've also test shot some of the majestic flowers during spring in Melbourne. There they go. Taken with Sony Alpha 100 with +4 and +2 hoya filters. Enjoy!

As you can see, the DOF is really shallow. TO capture the best photo, use tripod. All these photos were not taken with tripod.
Red red red.

Violet, blue? what say you?

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