18 September 2008

taxi in malaysia

Malaysia has 'successfully' become the

Malaysia's 'worst in the world' taxis tarnish national image

How possible is that? WEll, I think that's possible. If you ask me how many times I've traveled by taxi before in Malaysia, the numbers are countable. The reasons are just simple. I'm avoiding those so called raped cases and overcharged fees by the taxi drivers for not using metres. Last few years, there were so many rape cases involving taxi drivers. Isn't this simply ridiculous?

Now, Malaysia promote their tourism thingy. So, the tourists came. And now they were blindly overcharged by the irresponsible taxi drivers. Jeez. People are so desperate.

I recalled once I took a taxi in KL with my friend. Curiousity strucked me as I saw a bottle hung on to his gear. The reason behind this was to block the customers behind from looking at the price of the metres so that they can simply post up any price. SO cheeky see!!!!

This is Malaysia-lah. :S

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