21 September 2008

when I don't know what the reason is

This week has been a hectic week for me. Yet, me myself and I don't know the real reason. Somehow, when one is sick, the productivity decrease. I couldn't think rationally. I was supposed to start my IPE Essay last week, but no, I was sick the whole week. Even if I go to lectures, I couldn't concentrate. My brain were sleepy and so lazy that I skipped few lectures. But wait. It wasn't only me who skipped the lectures. Students who were not even sick skipped lectures.

Now, I'm so frustrated in witting my essay. Whatever I write, I think that is not up to my expectations. I was so hoping that I'm born with fantastic writing skills. How great that would be?

I miss him.. I wish to go back to see him.. to hug him.. Everytime when I see him through webcam, I was so happy that no words can describe my feelings. He was so cute that everytime I see him, he seemed to be very busy walking here and there, picking papers, doing his 'admin' stuffs.

picture taken during CNY before I left.

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