12 December 2008

Nuffnang Santa

“Nuff Nuff!!” my 2 year old nephew yelled.

Jeez! Who hasn’t heard of Nuffnang? Even my 2 year old nephew knows how to speak “Nuffff”, though, in fact, he doesn’t know what Nuff means. He is especially ecstatic when he sees Nuffnang's logo with a Christmas hat on it.

"Nuff Nuff" and he claps his hand. (:

For those who are new to this, Nuffnang Australia is a place where Australian bloggers in a community network had their Australian ads on their blogs when they signed in. Simply amazing, isn’t it? *grins*

*add on from nuffnang blog*

The difference with Nuffnang Australia model vs other blog ad networks is Nuffnang focuses locally on Australia and its blogging community.

Local in the sense that each market Nuffnang is launched in comprises a local Nuffnang team. This ensures quality local advertisers are placed on the blogger’s blog.

Nuffnang also promotes heavily within the blogging community and runs numerous events for bloggers. All Australian bloggers have the opportunity to be part of this Nuffnang community through advertiser events, sampling, or just a simple Nuffnang sharing session. Blogger websites are promoted only to help drive traffic.

The best thing about Nuffnang is; you (bloggers) can receive payment. *but with terms and conditions yeh* Isn’t that nice to have extra earnings? *winks*

For cyber addicts, this is for you! For those whose parents think that sticking yourself to the internet may not be a good news, this is for you too!

Nuffnang has always been so generous. I love Nuffnang so much that I was overjoyed it finally arrives in Australia.With this, I can join in the interesting events Nuffnang often held.

As Christmas is around the corner, Nuffnang is looking for all Australian bloggers, big and small, to join the growing Nuffnang blogger community. :) Nuffnang is adopting more babies!!Hooray!

Why everyone loves Nuffnang? In fact, I love all the events Nuffnang organized. Remember the Pajama Party, N96 race and so many more events Nuffnang and the bloggers were involved? I was looking so much into it but was disappointed that the events are not held in Australia yet.

picture courtesy from Boss Tim's blog.

With Nuffnang Australia, I’m able to join in many events. OMG. I’m looking forward to it!! The best thing is you get to meet many bloggers! And you might even bump into a BFF! (Best friend forever)

The most popular blogger, Karen Cheng is already with Nuffnang for so long. Same towards bloggingaussie. I've been following their blogs but I reckon they don't know me. With this community, I'm hoping to know them even better so that we can share ideas. I've also asked Adrian to join in this lovely community!

Alright, back to the ground rule of this game.

The moment I saw i Dell Inspiron Mini 9 at JB HIFI the other day, I was so eager to get it, so I thought maybe I should wait till Christmas to get it, in the mean time, to save more $$.

The good news is, Nuffnang Australia now is making my dreams a step closer. If ONLY I can win this, I can save so much that I can use the money and the new laptop to New Zealand, and blog about it on the spot!

I like the Mini 9 because it’s so light and compact and it’s suitable for outgoing lifestyle, especially people like me who can’t live without a laptop. You can even bring it to the loo and blog without having fear that the heavy weight burns your thighs!

Mini 9 has 1.3 megapixel, which means you get to start video conference with lovely people around you! Whether you are in the loo or Starbucks, or a concert, forget about having the costly 3G video conference.

I need Dell Inspiron Mini 9 so much as my old Acer laptop broke down recently, so I thought, just in the right time, Nuffnang Santa may grant me a new laptop? That must be the most wonderful present I have so far!

I’ve also dedicate a song to Nuffnang Santa. I’m hoping so much to get Dell Inspiron Mini 9. I want to flaunt and decorate the laptop with Crystals and Diamonds till' you've to cover it with sunglass! OK. I’m just kidding. Heeeheee But Santa, please make me win!!

Santa, can you hear me ?
I write a blog that I sealed with a kiss
I send it off and just said this

I know exactly what I want this year

Santa, can you hear me ?
I want my baby, Dell Mini 9

I want Mini 9 to love me and to hold

Maybe, Maybe
Be all my own in a big red bow
Santa, can you hear me ?

I have been so good this year
And all I want is one thing
Tell me my mini 9 is here

He's all I want just for me

Underneath my Christmas tree

I'll be waiting here
Santa that's my only wish this year.


“Hello?? Hello?? Santa, you there???”


“Santa left without dropping me a message, but I hope Santa Nuffnang really hears me!”

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