06 December 2008

introducing aun and feifei

Days are always interesting with kids beside you.

They laugh, they cry, they mumble, and they crawl

Their expressions simply make you laugh.

Feifei: I know I'm not handsome like Aun, but at least I look adorable and I make you laugh-mah

Feifei: See? I can roar like a hairless lion.

Feifei: I can 'boo' that handsome boy too!

Feifei: Pose a while more, then I gotta introduce Aun, okay?

Aun: HAHA!! Finally I'm introduced in this post. Excuse me, excuse me..

Feifei: Hey, I haven't conclude also!!

Feifei: FINE!!I hate it, always interupt me. :( I'll go look for food then.

Aun: Hie everyone, I'm not as adorable as feifei, but I know how to pose like a man, at least. :)

Aun: And pose, and pose.. "Looking at the sky, wondering when will my true love appear?"

Feifei: Aun is too busy thinking of his love life, so let me take a nice picture with Gracious first..

Gracious: Oi!! don't move-lah.!!
Feifei: I need to answer the nature's call. I'll continue in a few days later, k?
See ya everyone!. :)

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