13 December 2008

modern transformer

Every time I see pretty girls, I got envied.

But then I pondered, "is this their authentic pretty face?"

Common, especially Korean, Chinese and Singaporean girls, you see many pretty girls with sexy and big eyes looking at you (guys).

At that time, your heart beat furiously till you are dead. Dead like this.

Oh. "One Man 'literally shot' Down", I see!.

I'm aware that many Koreans undergo surgery. Plastic surgery, rhinoplasty,liposuction, eyelid, botox, whatever you name it.

Today, it came to my realization that nothing is impossible.

XiaXue, Singapore's most eminent blogger and Dawn, has also undergo some simple surgery, I think! Or maybe it's really apparent to many of you.

Guys, forget about Xiaxue and Dawn.

This girl definitely impressed me with her super high technique makeup skill. Omg. Can I hire her please??

alright, she looks like other pretty girls outside, right?

so sexy i'm attracted too.

Girl like me who has single eyelid is so miserable compared with big rounded barbie doll eyes. :(


But, that's not her real face though. I was more than stunned when I see how 'pretty' she is without make up. And I thought to myself, "If I'm already pretty without make up, will I get even prettier with make up?" And I mean the barbie doll -alike make up.


Eh? can't recognize her?

What about this?

That's exactly the same person you saw in the pictures above!!!!

Phew.. I can't believe how make up can change a person. And I meant drastic change.!

Look at her jaw etc. That really makes me wonder if DawnYang really did plastic surgery or is she just flaunting the wonders of make up?

"hey miss, be my make up artist, okay?"

and yeh, she actually included steps of transformation. If you wanna know, please stay tune in the next entry!

To be continued!

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