24 November 2008

i'm back!

Woo. I came back home with a sense of half conscious and half dreaming.

Having planned for several vacations before my exams, things did not seem to flow smoothly in reality. Indeed, it was all very impromptu. After all, I did not dare to plan. I prefer things to go just naturally as it is. I had been out with friends for that 1 whole week, and I barely had enough sleep.

I thought having midnight flight at 1am will be a great experience. But this proves me wrong. WroNg. I was barely falling asleep. I thought I was too excited to meet everyone in Penang.

As soon as I arrived, I was doubtful if my luggage and the box of food arrive on time. Call me sillygirl!

Just as I passed by the main gate, I saw mum, sis and the 2 kids there. I was so ecstatic that I started to have teary eyes.

Counting the days I arrived back home, I’ve already had so much food in my tummy. :D

I can’t even wait for more events to come to me!!

Friends, if you read this, please date me out… Gracie is missing you guys so much! >.<

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