11 November 2008

exam's over!

*stretching arms*

and finally, gracious has finished her stony 4 papers in 5 days. How does that sound like to you? If I were to sit for these exams in college, that shouldn’t be a problem for me. In addition, everyone in my class took 4 papers in 5 days back then. Things aren’t the same anymore here.

I no longer can study 2 or 3 days prior to the exam. Sometimes, that makes me ponder the good results I got last time. In university now, I wouldn’t dare to take the risk to study 2 or 3 days prior to the exam. It’s just as if you put a bomb timer in your body. You never know when it will blast.

Speaking bout’ the most challenging I sat so far, having 2 papers a day may not be a problem for you. What do you reckon when you are having 2 papers a day, and not allowed to sit for the exam in the same venue like your friends? To add this, mobile phone is not allowed throughout the exams until you’ve finished the bloody 2 papers. In fact, the days are hard without phone by your side. Is this the drawback of technology?

Yes, exactly, I experienced that yesterday. Frankly speaking, the situation isn’t that bad as I expected, except that I’ve no mobile phone with me. There were only lucky 5 of us, 4 from engineering faculty and me, being the only one from business faculty. The ambience was less intense as you only see 4 people in the room, as compared with seeing hundreds of students sitting there. Man, they even got us coffee, if we want, with free of charge. Isn’t that wonderful? They’ve tight security, with no one from the side trying to copy you. J

Anyway, it’s all over now. I’m glad I finished all papers..

Melbourne zoo. Here I come. Vroom….

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