26 August 2008

where I've been..

mzteo's new blog has just reminded me that i own a blog. and i mean a new blog of mine. View the last post that I had. It was a month ago. Jeez. shall I then conclude here what I did a month ago? :)

1) Semester 2 commenced.
The year 2 sem 2 subjects proved to be harder. Duh.. And I've lots preparation to do in order to pass this exam and to; understand what International Political Economy is all about. To those who know me, I'm really clueless about what the world politics is about, nevertheless, I've no interest in knowing why there is dispute, boming here and there and etc. However, I'm playing with a big RIsk this sem. I've to know every single terms and the functions of numerous international body. Or else what is International Political Economy about? Sigh. Still a presentation and an essay to go for this subj.

2) Dad and sis came
Thanks to SIA for having the wonderful promotion of their tickets. Dad and sis bought their ticket during the promotion day and just guess how much they've saved? Around 1k each. that's alot!. The day dad and sis came, I had a bad day of having full class since 9.30am. Dad seemed to be overjoyed when he saw me. Like 100 years of not seeing me. Daddd... :) Just imagine how fast 2 weeks past..

3) Went to Lake Mountain 2 days after. Dad drove. Sis gave direction. the remaining three at the back of the seat looked for other sign. Such a tough job. ANyway, we made a success in driving up to Lake Mountain!! who can make this??????

4) Ballarat. Ah this tipu orang. I dig no gold but sand. The weather wasn't that wonderful as it rained and showered, making the sand and floor wet and muddy. I'll leave the rest for photos.

5) Assignments. Almost done.

6) culture and business practices in Asia's mid exam. Hope to get good grades for this. :)

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