31 August 2008

fiesta malaysia- part I

I attempt to try to write my blog in Malay, but it just sounded ridiculous to me. Ah back to English. How about Hokkien?

31 August 1957 clearly state a memorable for Malaysians as that marked the moment Malaya was freed from British colonization. As decades past, less and less Malaysians celebrate Merdeka Day., especially the young generation, who have not been through hard times. I was one of them, not knowing how hard it was for Tunku Abdul Rahman to get the independence from British. HOWever, today, the 31 August 2008, I proudly go to the Federation Square, Melbourne to celebrate Merdeka Day. Don't believe me?

Alright. Actually main motive is to go and take photos. But still, being patriotic to attend the fiesta, no?Reached there around 12-ish with my sister after having our lunch. My pre assumption was that it will be kinda GRAND and will be full of people, especially Malaysians. However, it was proven wrong!. There weren't much people. Jeez, where are all the Malaysians?

Anyway, I happened to see this Ang Moh wearing samfoo.
And oh, someone married? NAhhh.. Just an action of this marriage event. (Perkahwinan)
One of the events. Silat. I never see this with my own eyes before. My first time. Can you believe it?? It came out to be really hilarious when they performed silat. Especially the adults. They were just so fake. On contrast, the kids were cute. The girl who attacked the guy who molested her. No. Just joking. :D

To be continued. Stay tune.

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