28 August 2008

Series of adventure

Ah, I felt like having heaps of stuffs to blog, but once I sat in front of the computer, it went empty. :S

I had the culture and business practices mid term test this morning. It was kinda, I mean, really obvious that there are students copying amongst friends and even whispered to each other. What the lecturer said was, "Guys, please don't talk. Be considerate of people who are doing for their exam". "OH, no talking only?" I thought to myself.

That means, we can COPY, but not TALK!!

Jeezzzzzz. that's way too cool.!

As I headed to another tute after my lunch at the Indonesia cafe, I heard loud voices from a group of people protesting. FYI. Protesting is such a normal show for everyone. Guess what's the theme this protest? It's a protest for alien's rights. They even had an alien mask. And they had four people carrying a guy, like how the whatever it is called slaves carrying their king and walk along the streets. SHown in the pic:

Just right in front of RMIT building.:P

Next, as I was waiting for my sister outside the business building after my tute, I sat on the steel bench. Lucky or not, you tell me. I often hear people saying."OH SHIT! when they encounter difficulties."

Now, it's time for me to say..

"OHHHHHHHHHHH.........Bird's S H I T T T ???????"

I din know what it was, until I looked up at the tree, and I saw a little bird there, shaking his uncleaned ass. Ok. a lil' bit dramatic.

I was puzzled!

Even that, I've to spend a dollar to clean his shit lo. Not fair..!!!!

Holiday has started.. Next assignments have started too..... -_-"

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