08 July 2008

sunset at st kilda

Ah, my uncle, aunt, Ryan, Chi Ann, sis and I had a birthday feast for the July babies - sis and Ryan with a day different. Uncle recommended us to Sofia, which was indeed very nice. We ordered a very large pizza, as seen below, A something fettucine Sofia and a Sofia lasagna. Sounds little, but indeed I make myself so full and ah, had a glass of wine too. Delicious I would say.

The pizza.

After having a heavy lunch, went to St Kilda to meet up with the 3 guys, arvy, hanz and dani. It was ssooooooooooo gloomy that day and the wind would just blow you away if you claimed yourself to be skinny. Being there for about 3 hours make my cheeks turn so red that I din't realised until I went to McD's toilet and looked myself shockingly. The objective of this trip is to shoot sunset and the outcome are as below:

Sunset at St Kilda. Looks so romantic

A gloomy sky at the pier. Looks like end of the world, ah touch wood.

The blanket of dark clouds covered the sea.

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