28 July 2008

How marketing is my marketing class

intro: no pictures for this post.

Just a short description about my services marketing class:

For over the past few years of classes I had both in Penang and Melbourne, not much of the classes actually amused me. This services marketing class of mine, here, is an exception.

As I entered the class during the Week 1, I seriously thought that I entered the wrong class. The ambiance was filled with music, and....*clears throat* a pretty girl who looked elegantly stood there waiting for her students to fill in the class. She looked so much like my high school senior, whom I once admired. Once.. hehez.

I took my seat, and she approached the early birds and introduced herself and she is way too friendly. Anyone who came to this class won't feel bored, because:

a) the lecturer is pretty
b) look young and 'seung keng'
c) music will be played at the beginning of the class, during the 10 minutes break, and when the class is wrapped up
d) there is always a funny pic at any of the slides to brighten up your days.

notes: she played 'wonderful tonight' at the end of the class and it was so much like a wedding ceremony.... o.O?

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